Best EMF Laptop Shields 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Laptop Radiation Shields are fundamentally pads constructed from materials designed to block all types of EMF radiation, including magnetic, electrical, and radiofrequency. Laptops usually generate an immense amount of magnetic field radiation, but this varies greatly between specific make and model.

As per various studies, EMF radiation can harm your health in the long term, causing a wide variety of conditions, such as headaches, DNA damage, male and female infertility, or even cancer. EMF laptop shield radiation protection makes a great deal of sense. Buying laptop emf shielding can effectively block EMFs with conductive layers that absorb and block electromagnetic fields.


The best laptop emf shield is built to provide a layer of security between your body and your laptop. This protects you from the biological effects of this radiation, as well as from the heat generated by these laptops.

In the event of the laptop being a necessity, these shields come as a great investment. In our guide, we talk of the pros and cons of the 10 best EMF laptop shield along with factors to consider so that you can make an informed purchase.

Top 10 Best EMF Laptop Shields In 2020

1. DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield

The DefenderPad Laptop Radiation & Heat Shield is a special and innovative emf security solution that ensures absolute safety whilst using modern digital technology. Incredibly elegant and practical in style, it provides a relaxed and spacious workspace.

The FCC approved lab-tested DefenderPad blocks almost 100 percent of all potentially hazardous electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from 0-10 GHz and dramatically decreases the heat generated from the bottom of laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices. The surface is waterproof making it safe to use while sipping on your favorite beverage.

DefenderPad has a smooth, anti-slip thermal resistive surface and is the right size to be used at home or on the go. Its light and slim profile slip easily into computer bags, briefcases, and backpacks, making it easy to carry. DefenderPad’s security technology and sleek nature make it the perfect substitute for other lap tools such as lap desks, lap trays, laptop tables, and laptop cooling pads.

DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield is free of PVC, BPA, BPS or other established environmental risks, toxic compounds, and pollutants.


  • FCC certified lab-tested
  • Super slim design,
  • Lightweight lap desk
  • Smooth, anti-slip thermal resistive surface
  • Surface is waterproof


  • Many find it expensive
  • Wells up after using it for a while

2. SYB Laptop Pad, Smoke Grey

This Laptop Pad is a super strong and reliable way to protect your body from all toxic EMF radiation and heat pollution from your laptop. Simply place your laptop, tablet, or another wireless gadget on a laptop pad to cover your body and reduce exposure.

It has scientifically proven to block up to 92% of wireless radio frequency (RF) and microwave electromagnetic field radiation (EMF / EMR) from WIFI and Bluetooth, along with ELF radiation from your laptop. It shields against fire, too.

Within each Laptop Pad is a mesh of ferromagnetic steel and aluminum plates designed to absorb harmful EMF radiation, operating in much the same way as the Faraday cage. And the Pad is entirely free of toxins. But the alloy and plates does not interfere with the normal functioning of the laptop or other wireless devices.

This laptop pad is super slim, robust, lightweight with anti-slip grip. The laptop shield also comes with a lifetime warranty. The shield is also known to absorb about 99% of the heat generated by the laptop thus protecting your thighs from burns.

The Laptop Pad does not interfere with the normal function of your laptop or tablet. It accurately diverts harmful radiation away from your body. This Laptop Pad comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Slim
  • Robust
  • Lightweight
  • Shields but doesn’t interfere
  • Works on all electronic devices
  • Lifetime warranty


  • the price is high given the design

3. Smart & Safe Laptop Tray ProShield

The ProShield Laptop Tray is a laptop-based radiation shield that eliminates dangerous EMF radiation to almost none. As independent studies conducted by accredited laboratories around the world have revealed, the ProShield Laptop Tray blocks both Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Radio Frequency (RF) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) emissions.

The ProShieldTM Laptop Tray Shield is constructed of non-grain-oriented silicone steel and high conductivity aluminum sheets, reducing radiation exposure. An external closed-cell polyethylene foam layer ensures optimum comfort and heat control.

This is the best radiation shield available today in non-military applications. It ensures that you can still have your laptops, pads, computers, and other electronic devices in your lap and stay safe.. The lifetime warranty is provided with this shield.

Lifetime warranty shall apply to the loss of radiation safety properties and the deterioration of the tray or its contents. Maintenance is easy as the tray is easy to clean without damaging its core materials. The lifetime warranty covers the main functions of radiation protection loss and physical damage to the tray.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Up to 100% radiation protection
  • At least 92% extremely low frequencies reduction 100mg
  • 100% heat emissions reduction


  • No protection in the front.

4. SYB Laptop Pad, Ultra Marine

Laboratory research indicates that the SYB Laptop Pad reduces your exposure to dangerous EMF radiation by up to 92%. Since this Laptop Pad shields on one side only (the bottom of your laptop, between your laptop and your body) does not interfere with the output of your computer or the reception of Wi-Fi at all.

SYB Laptop Pad has a versatile multilayer design to shield the body from various forms of EMF radiation:

Layer 1: Super Robust Cover
Layer 2: High Resistance Alloy
Layer 3: Ferromagnetic Steel Plate

The SYB Laptop Pad is super strong and super secure. It protects against all types of radiation and heat generated by your laptop. It blocks 92 percent of Extremely Low-Frequency Radiation (ELF) 92 percent of Radio Frequency (RF)/Microwave Radiation (MW) and WIFI & Bluetooth radiations and over 99 percent of heat emissions.

The SYB Laptop Pad offers total and full protection against toxins from the materials used and. it is also easy to clean. simply grab the damp cloth and wipe it off.


  • Super easy to clean
  • Durable Triple Layer Construction
  • Light Weight
  • Anti-Slip
  • Completely Toxin-Free


  • Being metallic, prolonged use hurts stomach and ribcage

5. Blocwifi RFID Smart Meter Protection

Blocwifi is a good screening fabric that not only allows the users to have a great Rf blocking while using their devices, but the earthing of the shield makes it work great for blocking low fiend frequency. It is made of 100 % polyester with nickel and copper plating and lends itself well under the safety of the pillow, the blinds, and the curtains. This could be sewed. It’s very sturdy and tough.

It provides extraordinarily high-frequency shielding power (minimum of 75.5 dB at 30 MHz to 91.7 dB at 1.5 GHz). It shields from dangerous phone mast, dect, smart meters, and wi-fi radiation with this solid fabric along with Wi-Fi EMF radiation. It’s easy to fold up while traveling safely with the EMF protection fabric. It’s virtually indestructible, have good mechanical stability.


  • Strong fabric
  • High shielding potential
  • Block the Wi-Fi frequencies
  • Inexpensive and effective
  • Ideal stealth and security shield


  • Not suitable if you want to stay connected vis Wi-Fi

6. LVFEIER EMF Radiation Laptop Pad

This military-grade radiation safety fabric will block the radiation your machine emits to your body. The warmth of the resin surface will not be uncomfortable on your skin. Blocks much of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth emissions, EMF emissions from your laptop and mouse.

Laptop Pad has a strong multi-layer structure to shield your leg or body from various forms of EMF radiation. The base plate is composed of aluminum alloy steel, the inner layer is composed of 20% nickel-copper alloy and 80% polyester fibrefibre, and the outer layer is made of resin.

The beautifully built Laptop Pad could not be simpler to use to avoid harmful EMF radiation from your laptop. It conveniently fits laptops, notebooks & tablets up to 14 inches. The multilayer construction also provides relief from the unevenness of the base of the laptop.


  • Emf/radiation shielding
  • Multilayer construction
  • Powerful material
  • Convenient design
  • Lightweight and slim making carrying the pad easy


  • Some find the shield expensive

7. Kico Rain Droplets Laptop Desk

Tray tables are specifically designed to be used in the home to provide an elevated to the comfortable surface for you to work on or eat, which decreases the pressure on the back. Measuring 4x3cm/6x.5 Inches are ideally shaped and have many applications such as homework, artwork, crafts, iPad tablets, laptops, etc.

Having natural air vents means that both your lap and the laptop will not suffer from the heat generated by the device. The proper heat dispersion helps the laptop to stay cooler and function more effectively. The tightly designed padding is suitable for flexible support and features flame retardant polystyrene balls.

You can also customize your tray with a picture of your own. Check for ‘personalized lap trays’ on Amazon. Included in larger screen sizes up to 56x3cm / x.5 inches, specially built for your screen and mouse. You just need a damp cloth to clean the cushion.


  • Durable wipe-clean laminate surface
  • Polystyrene ball filled cushion
  • The thickness helps reduce neck strain while working on the pc
  • Customization possible
  • Laptop heat gets ventilated without heating laps or sofa


  • Plastic frame needs careful handling

8. Burwells Skim Guard Laptop Carry Case

The exclusive 4-in-1 anti-radiation lap desk protects your desktop, tablet, or laptop from damage. It also protects you from heat and radiation. Anti-radiation technology blocks up to 99.9% EMF waves. The handy stand, carrying case, plus the heat and radiation shield has several layers of advanced security. This includes an EMF filter capable of blocking 99.99 percent of harmful radiation from laptops.

The cover has an optimized flow of air to help keep your laptop cool. Plus, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, an
ultra-thin elastic material that helps protect you from heat. It’s a sleek, lightweight, padded security sleeve. Just slide in your laptop and close the magnetic flap to protect it from damage.

The high impact resistant insert protects the device against damage and it has a multi-layer shielding with soft microfibre lining. You can extend the life of the device by reducing operating temperature.


  • Comes with 4 benefits of EMF shield, impact protection, carry case, and stand
  • Light and slim design
  • Easy portability
  • Padded compartment shields device when carrying
  • Airflow vents keeps the device cool without heating your lap up


  • Not ideal for larger laptops

9. Kico Blue Moroccan Style Laptop Desk

These tray tables are specifically built for use in the home and provide an elevated and comfortable surface for you to work on or eat, which decreases the pressure on your back. Measuring 41x32cm/16×12.5 Inches and ideally designed for many uses, such as artwork, iPad tablets, laptops, etc.

The cushion also helps with the proper dispersion of the heat generated by prolonged use of the laptop. Thus, not only is your lap stays cool and protected from severe radiation burns, your laptop to does not slow down as it remains cool. The generously filled cushion is suitable for adjustable support and features flame retardant polystyrene balls. Hard wipe to clean laminate surface and warm plate resistance.


  • Easy to clean with a warm damp soft cloth
  • Polystyrene ball filled cushion
  • Allows air circulation
  • Keeps the laptop cool without hurting your thighs or stomach


  • Not suitable for hot plates

10. Kico England World Cup Flag Laptop Desk

These tray tables are specifically designed to be used in the home to provide an elevated and comfortable surface for you to work on or eat, which reduces the pressure on your back. Measurements 41x32cm/16×12.5 Inches are perfectly shaped and have many applications, such as TV dinners, education, artwork, crafts, iPad tablets, laptops, etc.

The lightweight cushion also comes with polystyrene balls that act as flame retardants keeping the cushion form turning up in flames. Another benefit of these cushions are that it comes with air vents that are unobstructed. This helps the laptop to stay cooler while you work and the heat gets dispersed properly without harming you or your sofa or mattress..

You can also customize your tray with your photo search for KICO custom lap trays. Accessible in larger notebook sizes up to 56x32cm/22×12.5 inches specially built for your notebook and mouse.


  • Polystyrene ball filled cushion for stability and comfort
  • Handmade to order in the UK
  • Lightweight and fits the lap well
  • Allows air circulation for laptops
  • Extra wide for your mouse


  • The plastic tray needs careful handling

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best EMF Laptop Shield 2020

The key purpose of these laptop radiation shields is to reduce the radiation emissions from the laptop. Without these shields, the radiation will come from your laptop and touch your body, causing possible radiation issues and all the health problems associated with it.

Take this factor into consideration while purchasing the best EMF laptop shield.

1. Specifications And Features

There are emf shields that act just as those shields while some double up as carrying cases. The need of your laptop and the ease of use should play a vital role when you are deciding on the laptop emf shield.

2. Build Quality And Durability

When you are investing in a shield, you need to be assured of its quality, durability, and usability. The best way to be assured of the quality and usability is by reading the reviews of the product. Ratings and reviews serve a great way for the authentication of any product and the same holds true when selecting the laptop emf shield.

3. Reduce EMF Radiations

Electromagnetic radiation is a source of energy. Over time, it can have a profound impact on human cells.

It is necessary to protect against electromagnetic radiation from mobile electronic devices by using a radiation shield that can conduct, absorb, and dissipate the radiation that is between you and the source. The amount of shielding or type of shielding that you need to protect against various forms of radiation depends on how much radiation the source emits.

4. Avoid Heat Problems

As well as resolving radiation concerns, these laptop filters can also reduce the heat problems you can encounter. No one wants to deal with the heat from their laptop that impacts their lap and makes the whole user experience unpleasant. It’s one of the key reasons people use laptop radiation shields.

The toasted skin syndrome has been seen in people who tend to use the laptop for prolonged time using their lap as the base. This prolonged exposure to the heat also causes further medical complications.

Even if you’re not worried about radiation, you may take advantage of one of these covers by solving the heat issues that many laptops are experiencing. It’s an easy solution to a very difficult problem with a laptop.

5. Added Comfort

The other thing that a strong radiation shield can bring is added comfort.

The comfort provided by these laptop shields can be a big improvement on the normal way of using a laptop, enabling you to use it longer without aching your legs. It also lifts the laptop a bit, making it much simpler and more comfortable to type.

6. Safety From Bluetooth And Wi-Fi Radiations

EMF radiation from laptops isn’t the only source of radiation that people are worried about. There are also questions about Wi-Fi radiation and Bluetooth transmissions, which can also originate from your laptop.

When you use the right laptop radiation shield, you will make sure that you are fully shielded from things like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radiation. They provide every kind of laptop radiation protection that you may need. That said, these shields do not interfere with the proper functioning of the wireless features.

When you need to spend substantial time on your laptop every day, then you should consider purchasing the best EMF laptop shield. Most laptop shields are manufactured with materials like steel mesh or aluminium including heat safety materials.

Most laptop shields are lightweight and slim they are easy to use and carry while working or using your laptop device anywhere. Search for an EMF laptop shield that suits the size of your device. And you will not feel the heat build-up while you were using a laptop.

EMF laptop shield can also reduce the cooling and heat exposure of your device. In the end, the best laptop radiation shield for your money depends on your individual needs.

FAQs on EMF Laptop Shields

1. What Is A Laptop Radiation Shield?

Mobile technology is used everywhere, and it’s very difficult to escape from it. While we can physically see the mobile devices that we’re operating on or the Wi-Fi network shows up on our cell phone, we can’t see the data that travels through these devices and the cell towers that power them. By using a laptop radiation shield we can ensure to protect ourselves from EMF radiation emitting from our laptop.

2. What Are EMFs?

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields, intangible forces that transfer data from one source to another for communication. The body and the earth have natural EMFs, but the EMFs from mobile devices are artificial and can cause radiation, which is where the best EMF laptop shield is necessary.

3. Does A Laptop Radiation Shield Protect From EMF Radiation?

Using a laptop Radiation Shield is very effective, you simply place it under your laptop, follow clear instructions, and get on with your business. There are various shields available to suit most laptop sizes, and customers can choose the type of laptop shield depending upon how much and what kind of radiations they need protection from.

4. Are Laptops Harmful?

Laptops are not good for your health when you put them on your lap all the time. They emit various frequencies of harmful electromagnetic radiation at between 400 and 800 THz. When used on your lap for a longer period, it can cause discolouration on your skin.

So, try to take your breaks and use some sort of radiation shield on your device. Besides, when you use your lap as a base, you are providing the laptop space where its fan gets clogged. This also adversely heats up the device causing git to malfunction.

5. Can A Laptop Cause Cancer?

Although no conclusive studies have been conducted to prove that laptops can give you cancer, there is a concern that excessive exposure to laptop radiation is a possible cause of testicular cancer in males.. Protect yourself with your laptop’s radiation shielding.

6. What Is A More Harmful Mobile Or Laptop?

Though both of them are harmful to your wellbeing. They emit different forms of radiation – from heat to light to electromagnetic radiofrequency. And all these forms of radiation are harmful to your overall health. Mobile phones are also known to emit microwave radiation they can affect your brain functioning. Thus it is always advised to minimize the usage of both these devices to a bare minimum.

7. How To Further Reduce Radiation?

When you are using a laptop and using your lap as the base then make sure that your laptop is not connected to a charging point. With this you can reduce radiation by 60%. You can also enable the battery mode so that background functioning is limited. This way you make the laptop work faster along with ensuring it does not heat up too much.

Choose The Best EMP Laptop Shield To Protect Yourself

Laptops may be one of our main sources of exposure to EMF radiation. If you’re using a laptop regularly, there’s almost no reason why you shouldn’t have a high-quality laptop radiation shield. But that does not negate the benefits that these transportable devices bring. To make sure you use the device properly without harming yourself, you should invest in proper quality EMF laptop shields.

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