Best EMF Meters For Ghost Hunting 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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If you want to become a ghost hunter or if you suspect some paranormal activity in and around your house, then an EMF protection meter will help you identify them. In this guide, we will make you aware of some of the best EMF meters for ghost hunting and what factors you must consider while buying one. With all the useful information given here, you will be able to make the best choice and clear your doubts and suspicions.

Top 10 Best EMF Meters For Ghost Hunting 2020

1. K2 K-II Deluxe EMF Meter

You will be amazed to know that most of the professional paranormal experts use K-II EMF meters for carrying out their ghost hunting projects and experiments. Being one of the best EMF meters for ghost hunting, this meter has been designed by a USA based company, and it is a powerful, portable and rugged ghost hunting meter in different aspects.

It can cover 50 to 20,000 Hz frequencies with high accuracy. You can use this meter to find out harmful EMF radiation in or around your block. It is a pocket-sized device with which you can take the reading anytime anywhere.

Equipped with 9V battery, this meter is easy to operate. The coloured LED lights of this device can help you to investigate easily even during daytime. If you are planning to add some ghost hunting activities in a jungle trail or in your trekking expeditions, then this one would be the ideal EMF meter for you.


  • Covers 50-20,000 Hz frequencies with high accuracy
  • Equipped with 9V long lasting battery
  • Designed with coloured LED lights
  • Easy to operate
  • Highly responsive
  • Portable and pocket sized ghost meter
  • Best EMF meter for paranormal research


  • Looks like a kids’ toy

2. Meterk Electric Field And Magnetic EMF Meter

This is one of the best EMF meters that can detect electric as well as magnetic field at the same time. You can measure the radiation of any electronic devices, including television, induction cooker, fridge, computer, laptop, electrical wires and appliances. If you want to measure any harmful radiation present in your surroundings, then you can use this meter.

Apart from measuring radiations, you can also use this EMF meter to detect any spirits and ghosts in your surroundings. You can measure any form of unexpected electromagnet radiation by this meter. If the meter detects any excess amount of EMF radiation in your nearby areas, then it will alarm you automatically.

This meter is designed with one-key locking system, with which you can hold your measurements in this device. Large LED display of this EMF meter can provide clear visibility. Some other notable features include auto on/off, low battery indicator, good/bad environmental quality indicator, etc.


  • It can test electric and magnetic devices
  • Large LED display
  • One-key locking system
  • Automatic alarming system
  • Detect temperature and climatic issue
  • Portable and easy to use


  • Measures in mg or ut units, which is applicable for magnetic devices only

3. EMFields Acousticom 2 EMF Meter

This is one of the best EMF detectors for ghost hunting and it can cover 200-800 MHz (8 GHz) frequencies. You can use it to detect any electrical or magnetic device, and it can be used for paranormal investigation too. The process of taking RF measurements from your surrounding can provide instant results, and it has two years warranty as well.

There are several warning signals available in this meter. For example, green LEDs can detect between 0.01 and 0.02 V/m frequency and yellow LEDs can detect 0.05 V/m and above. The audio signalling system of this meter can be accessed through headphone and internal speakers.


  • 2 years warranty
  • Widest measurement range- up to 200-800 MHz (8 GHz) frequency
  • LED display can maintain the peak and average readings
  • Audio signals, accessed by headphone and internal speakers
  • Easy to read display


  • Expensive

4. EMFields Acoustimeter EMF RF Detector

This is one of the most powerful microwave detectors available online. It can detect microwave frequency level up to 8 GHz and it can react to very short pulses. The sleek design of this meter is very attractive and paranormal investigators can use this meter anywhere.

The clear and bright LED display can show the measurements during daytime also. So, you can store your previous night readings in this meter, and access the data next morning. It is designed with one-touch on/off button, and you can immediately start finding the readings once you switch on this meter.

It will automatically detect the nearby microwave radiation. This is of the best EMF meters for ghost hunting which is designed with an antenna, so that it can measure with precision and accuracy.


  • 2 years warranty
  • Equipped with long lasting 1500 mAhr AA alkaline battery
  • Two line LED display
  • It can measure 200 – 8000 MHz ±6 dB ±0.02 V/m
  • Audio signals, accessed by headphone and internal speakers


  • Very expensive
  • Screen not so easy to read

5. KKmoon Electromagnetic Radiation Detector

KKmoon Electromagnetic Radiation Detector can test the magnetic and electric fields, and it will alarm you through its light and sound when it detects higher microwave radiation. The data lock and key lock system of this device can help you to save the measurements, and you can access them anytime from its display unit.

As far as the numerical data gathering is concerned, the device shows appropriateness and accuracy when compared to other devices in the market.

Equipped with 6F22 9V battery, it lasts long and is easy to use. You can measure 1-1999V/m electric frequency and 0.01-19.99μt magnetic frequency with this detector. But you need to operate it <80% humidity level and 0°C-50°C temperature. So, check the existing temperature of a place before you buy this meter.


  • Measure 1-1999V/m electric frequency
  • Detect 0.01-19.99μt magnetic frequency
  • Designed with data lock and key lock system
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap price
  • Can be used at high temperature


  • Battery not included

6. KKmoon Handheld Mini Field Radiation Detector

You can use this radiation detector for testing both electric and magnetic fields. It is a powerful EMF meter that can measure the radiation of high voltage electronic gadgets like power lines, home appliances and electrical wires. Sound and light alarming system can indicate the excess radiation outputs, and it will alarm you automatically when the test result exceeds the safe value.

You can take maximum measurements and store the data by its one-key lock button. The smart sensing system of this detector has ±5% (50μT to 200μT) μT at 50Hz or 60Hz accuracy rate. Made of durable ABS plastic, it is available in blue and black colour. The colour makes it easier to camouflage as per situations.


  • Can be used for testing magnetic and electric fields
  • Large LED display with sound alarming system
  • Automatic alarm
  • Made with ABS plastic
  • Two measurement units available – mG for electric field and μT for magnetic field
  • Four digits LED display


  • mG and μT units are applicable for magnetic field only, and it does not have any measurement unit for electric field like, volts or metre

7. PF5 EMFields Pocket Meter

EMField meters are mostly calibrated for testing electric and magnetic fields. But you can use them for your paranormal researches as well. This EMF pocket meter is one of the best EMF meters for ghost hunting, and it has 20 Hz to kHz frequency level.

People can use this pocket meter to measure the EMFs of electric and magnetic devices like induction cookers, solar panel inverters, CFLs and LED lights. It can measure magnetic field from 0.2 to 20.0 mG and electric field from 5 to 200 V/m. So, you can easily detect any paranormal activity in your nearby area with this pocket meter.


  • Powerful pocket EMF meter
  • Two years warranty
  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • It can measure magnetic field from 0.2 to 20.0 mG
  • It can measure electric field from 5 to 200 V/m
  • 20 Hz to kHz frequency level


  • No power backup available

8. KUNSE Ghost Hunting EMF Meter

If you are looking for the best EMF meter for ghost hunting, then you can try this KUNSE ghost hunting meter. For your paranormal researches, you need to identify and measure the electromagnetic fields available in your nearby areas. In this case, you can use this meter to test moderate to high electromagnetic emissions.

It can measure 50 Hz to 20.000 Hz EMFs. Apart from that, this is the only ghost hunting meter that has some pre-set locations where unexpected phenomena have been reported. Operating on a single battery, it has LED display, and it is a small and flexible ghost hunting device that is easy to use and understand.


  • LED display
  • It can measure 50 Hz to 20.000 Hz EMFs
  • Operated with a single battery
  • Designed with pre-set locations
  • Reasonable price


  • White colour is not preferred by most ghost hunters

9. Gigahertz HF35C RF Analyser

This is one of the most powerful RF detectors with high accuracy level. It can even measure the cordless phone emissions and you can plan your safety measurements according to its reading. If you want to use it for your paranormal researches, then use its directional features and adjust your shielding plan according to the situation.

But you cannot measure high-speed Wi-Fi connection by this RF meter. So, make sure, you must use it to measure electric fields only, not for the magnetic fields.


  • High accuracy level
  • LED display
  • Robust technology
  • Directional features
  • Easy return policy


  • Cannot measure high-band Wi-Fi

10. TF2 TRIFIELD EMF Detector

TRIFIELD is an EMF meter that is used for measuring three types of EMF pollution in your surrounding. you may use this meter to test AC magnetic waves, AC electric waves, as well as RF/Microwave radiation. It can cover 40 Hz–100 kHz magnetic frequencies, 40 Hz–100 kHz electric frequencies, and 20 MHz–6 GHz RF frequencies.

The digital signals can give you instant results and show the EMF level automatically. Plus, it can emit surrounding sound to take the accurate EMF measurements. The 20 hours long lasting battery of this meter can help you to use it in remote places too.


  • Capable of identifying magnetic, electric, as well as RF frequencies
  • Peak hold feature
  • 20 hours long lasting battery
  • Low battery indicator
  • Easy return policy


  • No information on warranty

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best EMF Meters For Ghost Hunting

It is really difficult to choose the best EMF meter out there, because you can find ample models online. In this case, you can consider the following factors to consider while choosing one.

1. Frequency

Am EMF meter can detect any kind of electrically charged object, due to which you can use it to diagnose the wiring and power cable problems. So, you need to check their frequency level before you buy. EMF meters with high frequencies can detect the EMFs accurately.

Also, you need to check under what climatic conditions there can be an excess variation of the frequency level. For instance, in foggy areas, or in extremely cold or extremely hot areas, will the frequency vary? That is a question that you can ask before buying.

2. Affordable

There are some EMF meters available that can be used for the ghost hunting only, and they are less expensive. But if you choose an EMF meter that can detect any electric and magnetic devices, then you need to spend more. So, you can check the above products and compare their prices to choose an affordable EMF meter as per your needs.

3. Mobile App

You can find some mobile apps in your app-store which can detect such EMFs. You can use them for your paranormal researches and ghost hunting activities. But if you want to take this job seriously, then you need to use the best EMF meters for ghost hunting, as smartphone apps may not be that effective for that purpose.

4. Battery Backup

You may need to use your EMF meter in a remote place to detect any paranormal activity and you cannot find any power source in these places. To solve this, you need to choose an EMF meter that has good battery backup. Ideally, you should always choose a meter that has at least 20 hours of battery backup.

5. Display

Almost all EMF meters have LED display, on which you can read their readings. But make sure you choose an EMF meter that has powerful LED backlight so that you can read the measurements during daytime also. Plus, there are few models that have their own storage, so that you can access your previous measurements or readings anytime.

6. Warranty

Reliable companies can offer up to 2 years of warranty on their EMF meters and you can replace your meter free of cost within this warranty period. So, you must check their warranty terms before you buy. Plus, there are few models available with easy return policy, which mean that if you find any issue in your meter, then you can return it at no cost.

7. Easy To Operate

You must choose an EMF meter that is easy to operate. Make sure that the meter you choose is flexible, sleek and lightweight too. There are some EMF meters that are designed with one-key on/off facility, and you can easily operate them.

Apart from that, you can check their audio output and alarming features. Even, you can access such EMF meters by headphone or their internal speakers, and they can alarm you when they detect some uncanny vibration and radiation around them.

Working Of An EMF Meter For Ghost Hunting

Grant Wilson claimed in a famous TV show “Ghost Hunters” that EMF meters are specially calibrated for facilitating different types of paranormal investigations. However, if you want to be a ghost hunter and want to experience some paranormal activity, then you can use such ghost hunting machines.

These meters are calibrated with some numerical values and they can generate signals when they locate any ghost or spirit.

EMF or electromagnetic frequency is detachable energy which can be detected when any electrical or magnetic current moves from one place to another. The entire radiation and frequency that remains in the world might sometimes be completely invisible to the naked human eye.

But with these advanced devices, getting an idea about the other types of frequencies around us becomes easier as a process.

Some devices are effective in checking other environmental conditions as well, such as temperature, humidity and lighting. But to check the EMF radiation, you need to use the best EMF detector for ghost hunting specifically meant for the purpose.

Many paranormal investigators report that they often notice odd EMF readings in some suspected areas, and audio along with the LED alarms can help you to detect any unexplained activity.

Basically, there are two types of EMF meters available: single-axis meters and tri-axis meters. If you have a single axis EMF meter, then you need to tune the meter to detect different types of electromagnetic fields. On the other part, tri-axis meters can automatically detect different types of magnetic and electric fields.

So, if you want to be a paranormal investigator, then you can use any of these devices to detect the presence of spirits and ghosts in your surroundings.

FAQs on EMF Meters for Ghost Hunting

1. Can I Record Ghost Voice With An EMF Meter?

No, you cannot hear or record any voice by an EMF meter. You can detect electromagnetic radiation including electric and magnetic fields with an EMF meter, as a result of which you can use it to detect any paranormal activity in your surrounding.

2. Can I Measure Wi-Fi Radiation By An EMF Detector?

EMF meters with low magnetic frequency cannot measure high-band Wi-Fi connection, and you need to choose a meter with high electromagnetic frequency level for that purpose. You can use such EMF meters to measure the EMFs of lamps, LED and CFL lights, electronic appliances and power cables as well.

3. How Long Does The Battery Last?

It depends on the EMF meter that you choose. Most of the EMF meters come with long lasting battery that can last up to 20 hours. Make sure that you choose an EMF meter with a good battery backup.

4. How Can I Use An EMF Meter For My Paranormal Researches?

You can use an EMF meter for your paranormal researches by detecting electromagnetic radiation in your surrounding. The signalling system of such devices can alarm you when they detect any excess radiation and paranormal activity. An EMF meter can detect magnetic and electric fields that move from one place to another and it may be an effective tool to detect a ghost who moves one place to another.

So, Choose The Best EMF Meter Using This Guide

EMF meters are widely used for detecting spirits and ghosts at a place, but there is no scientific evidence behind the uses of these devices for ghost hunting. Still, many paranormal investigators use such meters as their primary ghost hunting tools. So, you can also try it once and experience some unexplained activity.

Make sure that you choose the best EMF meters for ghost hunting. As mentioned above, there are a few factors that you must check, including their frequency level, battery backup, LED display, warranty and price before you buy.

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