Best EMF Pendants 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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For those who are worried about radiation hitting them from various devices and materials that are used on a daily basis, then you should purchase the best emf pendant to wear. There are plenty of options that you can buy, and they can come in a wide range of designs, shapes, and colours.

Nobody needs to know that you are wearing an emf-shield pendant, and it looks just like a stunning necklace that can be worn for any occasion. Here are some of the top options that you need to be aware of, so keep reading so you can find out more.

Top 10 Best EMF Pendants 2020

1. Heka Naturals Crystal Necklace

If you are searching for something that is simple in design, but that would be effective, then have a look at the Black shungite crystal necklace from Heka Naturals, which many considers as the best emf pendant.

Its trendy style and gorgeous black colour make it a desirable one, and this pendant could be worn directly over the heart. It is 1.8 inches tall, 0.4 inches long, and 0.4 inches thick with a cord of 31.5 inches in length that can easily be adjusted.

The crystal shape is stunning, and it can be paired with any type of clothing that you are wearing, and it also comes in a bell-like shape as well. The stone comes from Karelia, Russia, and it is 100% authentic shungite.


  • Comes in 2 shapes
  • Adjustable cord to be placed on top of your heart
  • Looks and feels good


  • Should be washed before wearing to get rid of any dust

2. Heka Naturals Elite Natural Shungite

Are you searching for something that looks a bit more natural and hasn’t been polished down to create an artificial shine on all sides? If so, then the Elite natural shungite necklace by Heka Naturals would be a good option for you. The size is around 2 cm, and it is made of raw stone with a cotton cord that can be adjusted so that the necklace sits comfortably around your neck.

This necklace is made from 95%-100% of carbon, which is highly effective against the radiation waves. Those who have purchased this product have seen a huge positive change in their health.


  • Highly effective
  • The cord is made of high-quality cotton


  • Stone can be a little larger in size

3. Heka Naturals Circular Patterned Shungite

One of the best emf pendant options that you can purchase is the Circular patterned shungite necklace from Heka Naturals. This one is circle-shaped with slightly curved lines going from one side to the other, which is their breeze design, but you can also get it in the yin yang or fortune styles based on your desires. It is 1.2 x 0.15 inches in size, and the cord is 31.5 inches long, which makes it very easy to adjust based on your height.

No matter what, this is going to be a great option that you can wear, and it will help you feel better and increase your energy while enhancing your look as well.


  • The cord is longer than others
  • A stunning design to go with any outfit


  • Some of these necklaces can leave a powder residue
  • The cord could have been loosened a bit

4. Quanthor Volcanic Lava

The Sun motif volcanic lava necklace by QUANTHOR is one of the unique options out there when choosing the best emf protection pendant. The stone is made from volcanic lava from Japan along with black tourmaline in order to give a connection between your spirit and the Earth.

It also comes in another design that is a rounded rectangle with a sun made of dots, which they call Black QPM style. You can enjoy creating an exclusive fashion style with your radiation reflecting necklace.

The cord is easy to adjust so you can make it as long or as short as you want and those who bought it were satisfied with the purchase.


  • Unique and stylish designs
  • Faster results and increased energy


  • More expensive than other models

5. Quanthor Drop Pendant

The black emf shield pendant from the QUANTHOR is something that you might want to look at. The black tourmaline that is part of the stone can help you feel the connection between yourself and the Earth while protecting you from all types of radiation. The size of the stone is 0.78 x 1.14 x 0.19 inches with a 24-inch cord length.

Flame motif teardrop pendant necklace is a high-quality one, and it is something that you can wear without compromising with your look and feel the high energy at the same time.


  • Amazing design
  • High-quality stone


  • Cord is shorter
  • Doesn’t always look like the photo

6. Karelian Heritage Genuine Shungite Pendant

Are you searching for something simple and unique that will give you more energy? If so, then the Genuine shungite circle pendant from Karelian Heritage is something to check out. It is a simple stone that is polished to look great, and it weighs only 5 grams with a diameter of 30 mm and 4 mm thickness. The cord is also pretty long, and you can easily adjust it as per your comfort level.

If you want a necklace that will bring you more energy while you are going about your day, then this one is recommended by the users.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Stunning yet simple design


  • Can have black powder residue

7. Heka Naturals Shungite Set

Not only do you get an emf-shield pendant with this Shungite set for energy balance from Heka Naturals, but you also get a harmonizer, which is a tall cylinder made of Steatite. This set comes with one large circle pendant and one harmonizer to make it a complete solution to recharge your energy level and restore your vitality. The purpose of this unique set is to pair the pendant and harmonizer together when you are meditating to help your energy and chakra to get balanced.

This item is 100% AUTHENTIC Shungite from Karelia, Russia. As a manually cut stone, shape and size may vary
Block the harmful radiation and Restore the chakras in your body with this genuine Shungite sourced from Russia. The stones are cut manually; hence every pendant will have their distinct size and shape.


  • Comes with harmonizers for chakra balancing
  • Simple and gorgeous stone
  • High-quality stone used


  • Expensive

8. Karelian Heritage Pyramid And Triangular Necklace Set

If you are looking for a special emf-shield pendant, the pyramid and triangular necklace set from Karelian Heritage is a great option that can help you with healing, and balancing of all chakras. The triangle stones are facing in different directions to represent the male and female.

This necklace set is very popular among its users for its effective chakra balancing properties.


  • Perfect set for balancing and relaxing your chakras
  • Comes with high-quality cord


  • Hard to tell what triangle you receive as each one is manually cut with distinct shape
  • Edges can be sharp, so care is necessary when handling one

9. Natuxia Star Necklace

If black doesn’t suit your mood or if it is not a colour that you like, the Brown star motif necklace by Natuxia is something unusual you are going to appreciate. The stone is brown with the scalar energy motif, which looks like a star, and it is made of volcanic lava stone that can help you to connect your energy to the Earth.

This should be worn on top of your clothing and not directly on the skin to keep the right energy levels going through your body.

You can wear this necklace as a statement piece while keeping your energy levels high in order to protect yourself from the damaging effect of radiation.


  • Comes in a wide variety of colours
  • Reasonably priced


  • Some users don’t like its look

10. Karelian Heritage’s Rectangular Pendant

For those who are looking for a simple, yet the best emf pendant, the Karelian Heritage’s long square necklace could be the ideal choice for them. The highly polished stone comes in 40 mm x 20 mm size and weighs around 7 to 10 grams. This necklace will help you to get relief from low energy or low productivity level.


  • Very affordable
  • Simple design
  • High-quality stone


  • Corners can be sharp if not ground down properly
  • Shouldn’t be worn when going in the water

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best EMF Pendant

If you are looking to purchase the best emf protection pendant you can afford, or that is available, there are plenty of factors to consider. The more you know about them, the easier the decision is going to be, and some of them include:

1. Price

You want to look at the price of the necklaces. If you have a specific budget, then this would be one of the top factors to consider when you are looking at the options.

2. Size

Another thing that you need to consider is the size of the stone since there are some that are larger and some that can be smaller. You should consider what size you want and how prominent you want the pendants to be when you are wearing them.

3. Design

Do you want something plain? Do you like a design stamped on the stone? These are all questions that you need to ask yourself when it comes to the design. You should think about how it would look and what type of design you want to complement your look and outfit.

4. Shape

One more thing that you must think about while looking for the best emf pendant is the shape. There are various shapes that you can pick from, such as circles, triangles, rectangles and much more. You should go with the one you like, and it should match your clothing and other jewellery as well.

5. Cord Length

You also need to think about the length of the cord, especially if you are taller than an average person. However, if the cord that you get is too short, then it can easily be replaced with a longer one, or you can adjust the longer one to be shorter if required.

6. Brand

The final factor that you need to consider is the brand since there are some that have a better reputation for their quality and variety than others. Check out what previous buyers have said and what reviews they have given the brand. Do not skip your own research as it’s mandatory if you don’t want to regret your decision later.

It can be a difficult choice when you are trying to determine which is the best emf pendant for your needs, but these factors might make it simpler.

Top Benefits To Wearing One Of The Best EMF Pendants

If you are thinking about whether or not an emf shield pendant would help you, then the first thing to consider are the benefits that you can enjoy. Here are some of the main health benefits come with a EMF pendant when you wear one.

  • Relief Of Headaches
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Higher energy levels
  • Increased memory retention
  • Relief of anxiety and depression
  • Easier to fall asleep

A point to note though – these are not all proven benefits by researches and studies, but those who have purchased EMF shield pendants have seen an enormous positive increase in how they feel and how much energy they are getting from the necklace. Make sure to consider all of these when you are thinking about buying one.

FAQs on EMF Pendants

1. What Are Some Of The Issues It Can Help Me With?

If you are having problems sleeping or if you have high depression or anxiety levels, then this might be something you should try. Also, if you are having a lot more headaches than you had before, then you should purchase one and put it on to see if it can help you.

You would be able to tell if it is helping you and you can live your life with full of health and energy.

2. How Do I Use The Best Emf Pendant?

There is not a lot that you are going to have to do when it comes to the necklace, but you should make sure that it rests over your heart. You can easily adjust the necklace when you get it using the cord so that it sits comfortably around your neck as this is going to be something you will wear every day.

3. Is There Any Place Where I Shouldn’t Wear This Necklace?

When it comes to wearing this necklace, you can wear it anywhere for the most part, but you should avoid wearing it when you are going into the water.

If you are going to swim or even shower or take a bath, then it should be removed so that rusting or discolouration of the stone can be avoided.

4. Does The Design Of The Stone Matter?

There are so many designs that you can find on the stone, and it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. Mostly this is a personal preference, and you can find not only different designs in various shapes and sizes but also different materials that are used.

5. Does The Size Of The Stone Matter?

One question that a lot of people have is whether or not the size of the stone matters. The only reason it would matter is if you weigh more than the average person or if you are taller.

If you are taller, then you want to search for a larger stone rather than a smaller one to get more benefits and protection. If you are smaller, then you don’t need to go for a larger stone, but you can easily use the average ones.

6. Can I Wear The Necklace To Work?

You can easily wear this necklace to your workplace. However, if it isn’t allowed there, then you can place it under your clothing. This is the ideal place to have it on since the offices often have more high-tech equipment and devices that emit radiation than other areas, and these necklaces can help you to be protected from that excessive dose.

7. How Can I Prevent The Radiation From Getting Into My Body At Home?

You should be thinking about the various ways that you can keep yourself safe from the radiation while you are at home. This means that you can wear the necklace, but there are other precautions to take, including:

  • Turning off the internet router at night
  • Don’t sleep close to your cell phone
  • Use more wired connections than wireless if possible

These are just a few of the things that you should be doing to keep yourself safe and to keep any radiation from causing more problems. If you do this, then you are more likely to have a better sleep at night, which will feel refreshed when you wake up and then the necklace can keep protecting you during the day time.

8. How Do I Need To Clean These?

You don’t really need to clean the necklaces or the stones, but you should make sure that you are wiping it down regularly. If you are wearing it while you are exercising, then you should ensure you are using a soft cloth to wipe the sweat and dirt. This would keep the stone from getting salt and other harmful materials from building up and causing it to break down.

9. Is There Anything I Need To Do Before I Can Wear Them After I Receive It?

When you purchase the necklace, you want to wipe it down before you wear it. This is because there might be some residue or dust left over after the process is complete and if you don’t wipe it down, then it might get on your skin and cause an allergic reaction.

10. Does It Matter If I Purchase A Cheaper Option Rather Than An Expensive One?

A lot of people don’t have a huge budget when it comes to purchasing the necklaces; however, that doesn’t mean the price is going to affect how it works. Find one that fits within your budget range and has a lot of positive reviews at the same time since you never know what will work for you. Just because it is expensive does not mean it will work for everybody, so the price is not going to be one of the biggest factors that you need to worry about.

Best EMF Pendant: Why It Is Important To Buy One

It is important that you are getting the best emf protection pendant that you can afford, especially if you think that some of the issues you suffer come from radiation exposure.

You should ensure that you are looking at the style, colour, shape and even the size of the stone before you make any final decision. It can be a hard choice, but you need to know what should be considered so that you can find the one that works for you.

You must be keeping yourself in the best health possible, and you are lowering the risk of radiation exposure by wearing the best emf pendant. These are just a few of the top options that you can purchase, so look at them and see which one is going to fit your needs and budget. Go ahead and start searching to find the perfect stone according to your personal style, design, size and material preferences.

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