Best Router EMF Sheilds 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Mobile and Wi-Fi devices put you in the danger of radiation. It is vital that you must protect your self from these radiations as they are quite harmful. To do so, you need to have the best router emf shield in your home.

But before you buy your radiation protection shield, you should check out the various options that you can pick and choose from that would ensure you are purchasing the best for all of your requirements.


Here is everything that you need to know about how to find and pick the top router EMF shield that would help to protect you and your family from the radiation.

Keep reading on so that you can find out about the benefits of using these items and even the factors to help you make a choice. Here are just a few of the top models that you should make sure to check out, so go ahead and do your research now.

Top 10 Best Router EMF Shields 2020

1. TitanRF Military Fabric Cover

This router EMF shield is a Military grade fabric cover for blocking by TitanRF and it comes in light shimmery gold colour. It is 119 cm long and 91 cm wide and 30.5 cm in length, which means it is perfect for covering any door of your home.

It comes with some conductive adhesive that would allow you to easily put it up without having to nail it into the wall or any other type of mounting that might damage your home.

This is very durable and lightweight and you can sew, cut or even tape this into different sizes and shapes just like normal fabric. This can be used to close off a room or even cover the device if you don’t want to deal with covering up a few rooms.


  • Can be cut or sewn into different shapes
  • Easy to install
  • Protects from all types of wireless devices


  • Can be lit on fire
  • Needs several layers to work properly

2. Nasafes Protection Fabric Cover

If you are searching for a larger size, then the Protection fabric cover for radiation by Nasafes is something to look at. This can help protect you and your family from all wireless device radiation along with RFID and cell phone signals as well. It is 36.2 x 42.4 inches in size and it is made of the highest quality Faraday fabric of copper and nickel.

It is resistant to tears and you can use this fabric to make a bag around the devices or even to make a barricade for a room. This is also great to put inside your wallet to prevent anyone from stealing your credit or debit card information.


  • Made of Faraday fabric
  • Has copper threads within the fabric
  • Can be used as a blanket


  • Expensive
  • Very thin

3. Y-Fry Radiation Protection Bag

For those who are searching for a bag rather than a piece of fabric for their router EMF shield, then the Radiation protection bag by Y-FRY is an idea. This can help to lower the radiation that you are being exposed to while still allowing you to use your internet without the connection lowering.

It works for all devices, including the 2.4 GHz models that are just coming out and you don’t have to worry about feeling the effects of the radiation.

This is made with the trusted Swiss Shield fabrics along with BlocSilver to shorten the path of the Wi-Fi waves and any other exposure.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes in medium, high and highest levels of protection
  • Different sizes available to fit all modems


  • More expensive

4. Amradield Copper Fabric Cover

This Copper fabric cover for radiation protecting by Amradield is made using polyester and copper to make a conductive grid which blocks out all radiation and waves.

It is 39 x 43 inches in size and 39 inches in length and you can easily cut this up to make smaller bags or line a drawer or other areas. It will protect you from all types of radiation like from cell phones, microwaves and much more.

This is also perfect for cutting into smaller sizes to place in your purse or wallet to protect your cards from anything that can steal the information. You can also have it placed on your bed under a sheet to protect you while you are sleeping.


  • Can be used on your bed
  • Simple to use
  • Can be cut down to smaller sizes


  • Sometimes doesn’t work as well as hoped

5. Armadillo Pro-Tec Black Bag

This Black bag for radiation protection from Armadillo Pro-Tec is one of the best router EMF shield options you can purchase. This is ideal for using with all of your devices like your phones, modems, car keys and much more to keep them from getting stolen or to keep the radiation waves from coming at you.

This is a small bag and it is 9 x 10 inches in size and it is recommended that you fold the top down twice to prevent any radiation from escaping.

If you are going to be carrying your phone or even a tablet with you on a daily basis, then this small bag is going to be perfect to help keep you safe.


  • Great for smaller devices
  • Military grade


  • Expensive when compared to the size

6. Amradield Anti-Radiation Military

Finding the right Anti-radiation military grade fabric for protecting from Amradield can be tough. However, this one is an excellent choice and it is silver with small triangles that are clearly visible and it comes in 3 sizes.

The smaller one is 43 x 39 inches in size, while the medium one is 43 x 78 inches in size and the largest one is 43 x 197 inches so you can get the one that would fit your needs.

It is made of polyester, nickel and copper to keep everything out and this is going to be very simple for you to change up or make into different pieces to keep everything protected.


  • Can be used for the modem, credit cards and more
  • High quality fabric
  • Doesn’t need many layers to work


  • Expensive when compared to other alternatives

7. BlocWi-Fi Silver Net Fabric Wi-Fi Blocker

For those who want to get different sizes, then the Silver net fabric Wi-Fi blocker by BlocWi-Fi is definitely something you want to research. They have 5 different sizes, including 100 x 150 cm, 265 x 144 cm, 300 x 150 cm, 400 x 150 cm and 500 x 150 cm so you can have enough fabric for whatever you are using it for.

It is made using a higher amount of silver than other models, which means it is going to be more expensive.

This is a breathable fabric, which means it can be used in all of your items like purses, wallets and more. Those who had purchased this option said it worked well and they were happy with their decision.


  • Higher concentration of silver
  • Wide variety of sizes
  • Easy to adjust to your needs


  • Bit more expensive than other fabrics

8. Waveex Radiation Blocker Sticker

A unique and interesting option for protection from cell phone waves is the Radiation blocker sticker for cell phones by WAVEEX.

You can easily place this sticker on your phone in any location and see the amount of radiation and waves go down significantly. It uses chip technology to keep the waves from going into your brain and causing serious issues with your health.

Everyone who uses this and bought it were satisfied with their purchase and said that they won’t use their cell phones again without this chip.


  • Can purchase in bulk if required
  • Easy to use


  • Very expensive
  • Every device in your home requires one

9. BlocWi-Fi Conductive Cover

If you are experiencing high amounts of radiation and waves, then the Thief resistant nickel and copper conductive cover by BlocWi-Fi should be the router EMF shield you look at.

It can help to keep you safe from your phone, the internet and modem radiation and anything else that gives of radiation in your home. It is 108 x 100 cm in size and it can be used for smaller items by simply cutting it down and sewing it into a bag if wanted.

This can be used in any room of your house, including your bedroom to help keep you safe and you can even take it with you while you are travelling.


  • Lightweight
  • Perfect size for travelling


  • Recommended to be tied into the earth with a copper stake which could be impossible in flats.

10. Swiss Shield Cotton Fabric

When you are sleeping you aren’t going to be as protected as you might be, which is why a router EMF shield is important. This is where the Cotton fabric for Wi-Fi and cell tower radiation cover by Swiss Shield would come into play.

This one can easily be draped around your bed, which protects you fully from all radiation and it comes in a wide variety of sizes like 200 x 250 cm, 300 m and 400 cm that you can buy based on the bed size.

Not only can you use it around your bed, but it is also ideal for using as lining the windows to keep anything from the outside from coming in.


  • Looks great on beds and on curtains
  • Perfect for all rooms in the house


  • Must be washed by hand

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Router EMF Shield

If you are looking at the options for router EMF shield, then there are going to be numerous factors that you would want to consider. Here are some of those essential factors:

1. Material

One of the most vital things that you need to look at are the materials that are going to be used in the fabric. The most common materials that are used are copped, nickel and polyester while there are other options you can choose from.

2. Size

Another thing to consider is the size since there are plenty of options. You want to think about what you are going to be using it for and if you would want to have extra to use later. The majority of these fabrics allow you to easily cut them up and sew them into different sizes or shapes to protect a lot more areas.

3. Usage

You would also need to think about the usage of the fabrics since there are some that aren’t recommended to be used for your bedroom while there are others that are perfect for that. Also, think about what the recommended usage would be for them like for RFID protection and much more.

4. Style

There are a few different styles that you could pick from when it comes to this type of fabric, including those that are already made into bags. Also, there are plain pieces of fabric that you can mould into what you want and can be used for your creative purposes.

5. Colour

If you are going to be using these for creative purposes, then you want to ensure that you are picking the right colour. Think about which one would work the best with your current colour scheme since you can find it in a silver colour or even a copper one based on the main materials used.

6. Price

The final factor that you should consider is going to be the price and you need to have a budget set aside. It will be much easier for you to choose the right piece if you have an amount set aside since you know what you can and can’t afford to spend.

Top Benefits To Using The Best Router EMF Shields

Another thing that you need to know about using the router EMF shield fabrics is what the benefits are going to be. Some of the top advantages includes:

  • Protection from all types of technology based waves
  • Helps to restore energy levels lost from radiation absorption
  • Prevents your personal information from being stolen
  • Prevents access to devices like phones, tablets and laptops
  • These are only a few of the main benefits that one should always be aware of when you are thinking about purchasing one of these items.

FAQs on Router EMF Shields

1. Can I Protect An Entire Room?

It is possible, but extremely hard to protect an entire room from the radiation. This is because if there are any points for leakage, then it will get out and all of your hard work will have been for nothing. The best way to protect the entire room is to cover the modem or device up entirely in the fabric, which can help to shorten the length of the waves given off.

2. Can This Affect My Internet Connection?

If you are relying on your internet connection for work, then you should be aware that covering the devices with the fabric or bags can affect it.

It won’t cut it off completely, but it will shorten the normal capacity that the internet should have in terms of reaching a location. This means that you would have to be sitting closer to the modem to get the connection or the speed that you want if you are using these covers.

3. Can I Use These In My Bedroom?

There are a few options that you would be able to use in the bedroom and if you purchase the right fabric, then you can even have them placed on your bed. However, you should make sure that if you are placing these on the bed that you are putting some sort of fabric over top like a sheet. You shouldn’t ever place these protective fabrics on your skin.

Otherwise, they can be used behind your bed and in other areas to keep the devices protected. You should make sure that you are covering up all of the areas where the radiation could be seeping in to help you sleep better and feeling refreshed when you wake up.

You can place these fabrics in the drawers to give yourself more comfort and to keep yourself even more protected from the phones and other devices at night.

4. How Do I Know If The Fabric Is Making A Difference?

If you know the current readings around these areas, then you can use the same tool to take a reading after you have covered up the devices.

If the reading goes down lower, then you know it is working, but you might have to give more than one layer for it go down significantly. Make sure to test it a few times with different devices so that you can see how effective it is and you should ensure that you are recording the data.

5. How Can This Help Me To Protect My Credit And Debit Cards?

Make sure that if you are hoping to protect your credit and debit cards that you are getting the right type of fabric.

You want something that can handle RFID and that is recommended for this and you can simply get a small piece and then cut it down into the size needed. Make sure that you are doing this for all of your wallets, purses and other items that you might use for carrying them to keep them fully protected.

6. Can I Do This For Hidden Items Like My Modem?

If you have your modem or if you keep your devices in a drawer, then you can also use this to keep the waves from harming you.

Simply line the entire drawer with the fabric or create bags that you can place the devices into while you aren’t using them and especially when you are sleeping. You can also use these to protect you from waves from your neighbours, which is critical if you are living in an apartment, so place them on the walls near your headboard.

Why One Needs To Be Use Router EMF Shields?

To protect yourself and your family you should think about purchasing a router EMF shield for your home. This will keep you protected from all of the radiation and harmful rays that would be coming off of the device and you can feel much better. Consider the selection of the item along with how it is commonly used so that you can find the one that fits all of your requirements.

These are just some of the top ones and they can be used by anyone no matter what level of experience you might have. If you are hoping to fully protect everyone in your family, then this is the way to go, so make sure that you are doing the necessary research now. Finding the right model by using the price, brand, protection modes and much more can make the decision easier.

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