What is the best EMF protection?

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to reducing EMF in your house. It depends on the tech products you have in your house for ex. Router EMF shields are best for Wifi Routers while EMF Protection cases are best for your smartphone.

How can I know if there is EMF radiation in my house?

The best EMF meters are a good choice if you wish to detect EMF. If you cannot get your hands on an EMF meter right now then there is a second option. You can download one of our picks for the best EMF meter apps in the market right now.

Are phones and laptops the only devices that can emit harmful EMF?

No. There are other devices such as some hair dryers too and not all phones emit the same amount of radiation. For this reason, you can pick phones that emit low radiation and low EMF hair dryers.

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