Best EMF Apps 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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You may not know the EMF radiation might be present around your home, and you can absorb such radiation without knowing its harmful after-effects. Do you know that an excess amount of electromagnetic radiation can be generated from various electrical and electronic appliances, including TV, fridge, cooker, micro oven, laptop, mobile, router, and others?

There are some EMF meter apps available that can be used to measure the electromagnetic level present in a place or a room. Here you can find a list of the best EMF app that can measure all types of EMF radiation, including electric, magnetic and radiofrequency, and help in EMF protection.

Top 10 Best EMF Apps 2020

1. ElectroSmart

ElectroSmart Best EMF AppsElectroSmart is a free EMF meter app available on Android. With this app, you can find out the devices from your nearby areas that generate an excessive amount of EMFs. You can measure the EMF level from anywhere anytime, and you can keep your rooms safe by reducing the EMF level.

Electromagnetic waves are very harmful to children, and you can use this free mobile app to measure the EMF level of your children’s rooms.

It can further help you to identify the threats or devices that emit excess radiation, and you can dispose of such appliances to keep your home safe. You can use this free app to measure the EMF level of your high-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.

The app shows simple index data that does not require you to be a physicist to know whether your exposure to radiation is high, moderate, or low.

So if you feel unwell and suffer from headache, fatigue, dizziness, ability to reason, and other radiation-related ailments, you must read the EMFs of your rooms because electromagnetic radiation can destroy health over time if you do not take measures to stop it.


  • Simple index
  • It shows the EMF level of Bluetooth and high-band Wi-Fi devices.
  • Instant notification of high EMF exposure
  • Identifies the EMF sources
  • You can track EMF during daytime


  • You cannot measure EMFs without turning on the location of your phone
Download ElectroSmart Here!

2. Electromagnetic Detector EMF

Electromagnetic Detector EMFElectromagnetic Detector EMF is one of the best emf meters for iPhone. Now you can convert your iPhone into an EMF meter. This app will use the internal compass hardware of your phone to detect the EMF radiation.

EMF radiation is one of the major causes of nausea, headache, fatigue, anxiety, memory loss, sleep disorders, itchy or burning skin sensations, and skin rashes. So you need to check the EMF level of your rooms, especially your bedroom and children’s room.

You can download this app on your iPhone to detect the EMF exposures. You can even use this app to detect metallic objects and magnetic devices behind the walls and even underground.

Though not scientifically proven, people associated with paranormal researches have also tested this app to be useful to find traces of supernatural existence.

You can track high magnetic fields with this app and measure the electromagnetic radiation emission from devices. It is a tri-axis EMF meter, and you can store more than a hundred readings in this app. You can also send this data via mail.


  • Track magnetic fields from hidden areas
  • Warning beep when it detects any harmful EMFs
  • Save your readings with date and time
  • Send data via mail
  • Store more than a hundred readings
  • Tri-axis EMF app for iPhone


  • No Android version available right now, It works on iPhone only
Download Electromagnectic Detector EMF Here!

3. Ultimate EMF Detector

Ultimate EMF DetectorUltimate EMF detector is one of the best emf detector apps available in Pro and Free versions. The free version of this app can detect any magnetic field, and it can measure the electromagnetic radiation in ampere per meter.

You can record the data in text format and use it on your computer. But, you need to give the necessary permission to read and write on the external storage of your phone.

The basic version of this app is designed with a needle and LED lights. It serves advertisements through the app frequently, and that is the main problem in the free version.

If you do not like the advertisement part, then you can go for the Pro version. Apart from coming with all the basic features and being ad-free at the same time, the Pro version has a sound alarm that notifies you any change of your surrounding EMF level on a real-time basis. You can use this app to detect electromagnetic fields and their sources.

Some people believe in ghosts and other paranormal phenomenons, and this EMF detector app would come handy for such purposes.

The magnetic sensor of this app can easily detect the EMF radiation and show the measurements with easily understandable graphs. You can also change the units of measurement from uTesla and Gauss as per your preferences.


  • Available in basic and pro version
  • Detect any kind of magnetic fields including metal devices and unground metallic substances
  • Best app for paranormal researches
  • Record your readings in text format and use it later on your computer
  • Designed with needle and LEDs
  • Sound alarming system on the Pro version


  • This app can only work if your phone has a magnetic sensor
Download Ultimate EMF Detector Here!

4. Electromagnetic Detector EMF

Electromagnetic Detector EMFIf you have an iPhone or iPad, then you can use this app like a scanner, and you can detect any metal devices that create an electromagnetic field by this app. People are generally unaware of EMF radiation, and they can get affected by such harmful radiation in their homes.

EMFs can destroy your rational and mental ability, and you can suffer from fatigue, headache, memory loss, sleep disorders, and skin diseases. Therefore, you need to secure your home by measuring the EMF present in your room, and this app will ve useful for that purpose.

It can also detect any kind of wireless device, Wi-Fi connectivity, hidden metal devices, cordless phones, mobiles, computers, and laptops. It uses the internal compass of your iPhone to detect electromagnetic radiation.

Plus, you can record more than a hundred readings on your phone and transfer such data to your computer. You can save your readings in txt format. Magnetic fields are calculated with this app in microteslas ( µT ) unit.


  • Free app available for iPhone and iPad only
  • It can measure any magnetic field
  • Measure the magnetic radiation through the internal compass of the phone
  • Can store more than 100 readings
  • LED display


  • Available only for iPhone and Ipad users
Download Electromagnetic Detector EMF Here!

5. EMF Detector And EMF Meter

EMF Detector And EMF MeterDifferent types of electric and magnetic devices available around you, and it is your responsibility to keep your family safe from the electromagnetic radiations that are emitted from these devices.

This is one of the best EMF protection apps available in the Google play store, which can detect any electromagnetic device by using the internal compass of your phone.

This app is also known as a ghost meter, and you can use this app for your paranormal activity if you believe that. However, the magnetic sensor is a must to use this app, so If you do not have that on your mobile, this app cannot be used.

EMF meters are expensive, and you can save the cost by turning your phone as an EMF meter using this free app.

Besides that, this app has an additional feature, which is it comes with a hidden camera detector. This feature is handy if you are using a public changing room or washroom, and you suspect there can be hidden cameras.


  • You can use this app as a metal detector
  • It can detect spy hidden camera
  • Measures magnetic fields and EMFs
  • Shows readings in digits and graphs
  • A free app, compatible with most Android devices
  • Useful for ghost hunting and paranormal researches for those who believe


  • It does not support if you do not have a magnetic sensor in your mobile
  • You cannot store or share your readings
Download EMF Detector And EMF Meter Here!

6. Electromagnetic Radiation EMF

Electromagnetic Radiation EMFThis is one of the best emf meters for iPhone, and you can use it to detect ferromagnetic metals. It generally uses your iPhone or iPad compass to locate the electromagnetic devices.

Do you know that EMF radiation can reduce or destroy your fertility rate as well, besides many other health problems?

Your home appliances and gadgets, like phones, electronic devices, electrical wires, routers, intercom, alarm clocks, and antennas, can emit huge amounts of EMFs. You might suffer from serious physical and mental issues if you continue living in such an environment for a long time.

Even, WHO or the World Health Organization has declared that electromagnetic wave is one of the main causes of cancer. So you need to protect your family from such EMFs, and you can use the Electromagnetic Radiation EMF app for this purpose.

You can measure the EMFs with this app, and it will alarm when it detects an excess amount of EMFs in your rooms. Even, it will identify the source of such radiation, and you can simply dismantle the same to save your family.


  • Track high-end magnetic fields
  • Radio-frequency guideline available
  • Stores more than 100 readings
  • You can send your readings via mail directly from the app
  • It can save your data as per date and time
  • Magnetic radiation calculated in µT


  • This EMF app is not free
Download Electromagnetic Radiation EMF Here!

7. EMF Detector

EMF DetectorEMF Detector uses the magnetic sensor of your mobile to read the magnetic fields around you, and it can measure the EMFs instantly. You can detect electromagnetic fields, metals, and the presence of any electronic gadgets with this app. Plus, the LED indicator of this app can show the readings in digits and graphs.

This app does not change or modify your EMF readings, and it shows them on a real-time basis. It is designed with a speedometer needle, and it shows the EMF readings in uTesla and Gauss. You can also use this app to find out a spy camera.

People associated with geomagnetic study can use this app to find out electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields underneath the ground. You can move the mobile to detect metal and magnetic devices.

Those who are involved in paranormal studies, this app works as a great alternative to expensive EMF reader devices for them.


  • EMF meter and detector for Android users
  • Compatible with all modern Android devices
  • Reads the electromagnetic radiation
  • Detects spy camera
  • Detects hidden magnetic and electric fields
  • Best for paranormal researches


  • It contains ads that may hamper the user experience.
Download EMF Detector Here!

8. EMF Meter Metal Detector

EMF Meter Metal DetectorMetal Detector is one of the best EMF apps available for the iPhone. You can detect an electromagnetic device using this app easily. It is a tri-axis EMF reader that can calculate the magnetic force in microteslas (µT). You can use the clock button of this app to read the EMFs of a magnetic device.

You can change the setting of this app to enable or disable the auto-sleep mode, and it will read the electromagnetic radiation with your mobile compass sensor. An alarm for the readings is also available in this app to notify any EMF presence or increase. One can download and install this EMF app completely free from Apple’s app store.


  • Best EMF meter and metal detector for iPhone users
  • Auto sleep mode
  • Magnetic radiation calculated in microteslas ( µT )
  • High-frequency level
  • Alarm system
  • Free app
  • Tri-Axis EMF reader
  • Digital display


  • Only available for iPhone
Download EMF Meter Metal Detector Here!

9. EMF Detector 2019

If you are looking for the best EMF apps, you can try this Electromagnetic Field Detector. One can detect any metal, electromagnetic field, and gadgets with this app efficiently. You can move your phone around your home to detect EMF devices and measure the radiation level of them.

One can further use this app to identify a spy camera. People who believe in paranormal phenomenons can also use this app for detecting any ghostly activities.

It is easy to use, and it reads the EMFs up to 49 microteslas (μT) or 490 milli-gauss (one μT is equal to 10 milli-gauss). This is a digital EMF detector that can detect any electromagnetic radiation. So you can keep your family safe from harmful EMFs by using this free app.


  • Easy to use and free
  • Instructions are given clearly in the app
  • Takes up tiny space on your mobile
  • Detects any metal and magnetic device
  • Does not require any permission


  • The readings may vary due to the sensor quality of your phone
Download EMF Detector 2019 Here!

10. EMF Detector Electromagnetic Field Finder

EMF Detector Electromagnetic Field FinderThis is one of the best EMF apps available for all devices, and you can measure electromagnetic radiation from your surroundings with this app. EMF meters are expensive, and people always prefer some free EMF readers for their residential area. You can use this EMF detector to find out the electromagnetic fields around you.

One can use this app for supernatural studies by identifying any sudden change in EM fields. Although this app cannot detect any electrical field, that is not necessary to measure EMFs because electromagnetic radiation can only emit from an electrically charged device when the power moves from one place to another.

So you can easily detect the EMFs by this app and keep your family safe from harmful radiation.


  • Accurate and authentic readings
  • Comes with LED indicator
  • Detects magnetic fields, metals, gadgets, and appliances
  • Free to download
  • Show EMFs in uTesla and Gauss
  • Can detect hidden devices
  • Useful for ghost hunting activities
  • Available in dark mode


  • It does not detect electrical fields
Download EMF Detector Electromagnetic Field Finder Here!

Factors To Look For When You Download The Best EMF App

The electromagnetic radiation can not be detectable by naked eyes; therefore, you need to use the best EMF apps to identify and locate the sources of such invisible radiations. EMF radiations can lead to severe physical and mental conditions, including fatigue, headache, sleep disorders, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, low immune system, memory loss, infertility, and cancer, to name just a few.

So you need to keep your family safe from such radiation, and you should use the best EMF apps to measure EMFs of your rooms. Here you can find some factors to choose the best EMF apps.

1. EMF Measurement

Most EMF apps can detect magnetic fields, and they can measure electromagnetic radiation. But, you can find a few apps that can read EMFs from your magnetometer. It is a compass or magnetic sensor of your phone. So if your phone does not have a magnetic sensor or compass, then you cannot use this app. You must check your phone if it has that sensor before you download an EMF app.

2. iPhone Or Android

There are some EMF apps available that are compatible with the iPhone and iPad only. You cannot download these apps on your android phone. So make sure you must choose the best EMF apps that support your specific smartphone operating system.

3. Tri-Axis App

You can find few tri-axis EMF apps, and they can convert their readings through x.y and z values. Even though some developers state that their EMF apps can read geomagnetism, most of them cannot measure such geomagnetic fields, and you must test such apps for their efficiency before you use them.

4. Reviews

Always check the reviews of the EMF apps before you download, because you need to give permission to these apps to access your internal storage and other functions. If the app and its developer are not reputable and trusted, you are running the risk of losing your personal data. Never install or give such sensitive permissions to an unrated or badly rated app.

5. Paranormal Researches

Those who believe in supernatural things may use such EMF apps to detect sudden changes in EMF fields. Please note that there is no reliable scientific finding behind such theories, and it is mostly just a matter of personal belief.

6. Display

Most of the EMF apps will display the readings on your mobile screen, and a few of them come with an additional LED indicator function. Some apps come with the latest dark mode feature of Android.

7. Storage

You must check the storage capacity of these apps before you download them. Some of them can store more than 100 readings, and you can access such data anytime from anywhere. You can also transfer your data from your mobile to the computer via email.


1. Can I Use An Emf App For Ghost Hunting?

Yes, you can use such EMF apps for ghost hunting. EMF apps can read and measure electromagnetic radiation, and sudden changes in EMFs are considered as a paranormal activity by the supernatural enthusiasts. However, such theory has no scientific backing.

2. How Can I Download An Emf App On My Iphone?

Go to Apple’s app store on your iPhone and search using the term “best EMF app for iPhone,” and you will find plenty of them to select from.

3. Can I Use An Emf App To Measure Emfs Of An Electrical Device?

No, you cannot measure electromagnetic radiation of an electrical device by such EMF apps. They can only detect and measure magnetic fields.

4. How Can I Keep My Home Safe By Using Such Emf Apps?

EMF radiations are harmful to your health, and you can suffer from serious ailments due to the prolonged exposure to EMF emission. You can find out the magnetic fields around your rooms that emit excess EMFs by using such EMF apps and get rid of such harmful devices to keep your family safe.

5. Why It’s Important To Have An Emf App Installed On Your Phone?

People may not know the adverse effects of EMF radiation, and they cannot find out such radiation with bare eyes. They can keep their family safe by using such EMF apps.

But, choosing the best EMF apps can be a daunting task, and you must check their measurement capacity level, reviews, price, and many other related factors before you download.

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