Best EMF Clothing 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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The word EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields that contain electromagnetic waves and Electrosmog. Electrosmog is the modern-day issue that really needs attention as emf tends to affect the neurological centre of the body.

It is causing concern for many people around the world, especially those who are EMF sensitive and also expecting mothers. It is difficult to escape these fields as they are not visible or tangible.

People come across these fields regularly doing their routine activities due to several reasons and it is therefore important to look for some kind of protection against these Electromagnetic Fields.


EMF clothing is a special segment of clothing intended to offer protection against these electromagnetic fields. Those having EMF sensitivity due to any health condition may check out these EMF clothing that will offer protection against electrosmog to great extent.

We have researched many available options in EMF protection clothing, collected relevant data, and also checked with the users about their experience to narrow down to these 15 best EMF clothing that will help you in establishing considerable protection against electromagnetic waves.

Top 15 Best EMF Clothings 2020

1. Lvfeier

This highly elastic cap is a comfortable way to protect your head from EMF. The cap is made of 75% Elastane and 25% silver and will shield you from 99.99% of  1.5 GHz frequency. It is made more effective by providing special radio frequency protection fabric in the lining.

The cap is designed for children with a head circumference less than 21cm. It fits perfectly on the head and can be a good choice for daily usage.

That said, there are sizes M and L too for adults. The cap is the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor protection from radio frequency (rf) or EMF from electrical appliances or electrical boxes and transmission lines.


  • Easy to maintain as machine washable in cold water
  • Works for both low frequency and high-frequency waves
  • Perfectly fits the head due to highly elastic fabric
  • Radio wave shielding fabric used inlining
  • Material is breathable making long time wearing easy


  • Fairly small – might not fit if you have a large head!

2. EMF Protection T-Shirt For Men

EMF T-shirt for men is made from high-quality material that is easy to care and can be washed repeatedly without altering its shielding properties. The comfortable T-shirt can reduce 75% of radiation ranging from 30 kHz to 3 GHz efficiently.

The fabric used for its making contains 2% silver to offer utmost electromagnetic protection and also work as a natural anti-bacterial shield. Follow the washing instruction properly and you will be able to use it for a long time. The 90% cotton composition of the t-shirt makes the garment breathable and easy can be worn anytime.


  • Made from 90% cotton along with 8% polyamide and 2% silver
  • Natural bacteria deterrent
  • Available in a wide range of sizes for both male and female
  • Can be washed for almost 40 times without affecting the shielding
  • 30 Day returns


  • Cannot be bleached
  • Need to be careful when using an iron

3. EMF Protection T-shirt For Women

This specially designed EMF protection T-shirt for women is the perfect pick for layering under any apparel. This plain EMF T-shirt is available in various sizes to fit everybody comfortably while helping shield key organs like heart and lungs.

The fabric used for its making contains 2% silver, which works as a natural bacterial shield too. 90% cotton used in its making has cooling effects that stay soft on the body and would also give even finish post washing.

It also comes with no questions asked easy return policy, where you can return the goods conveniently if not satisfied with the quality.


  • Effective EMF protection T-shirt for women
  • 2% pure silver to give 75% EMF protection
  • Silver is also known to have antibacterial properties
  • Continuous customer support
  • Quick delivery options
  • Easy and convenient returns


  • Washing care to be taken in order to keep its EMF shielding effective

4. Women’s Hoodie

The stylish hoodie has been designed to perfection with 44% silver fibres that give protection against Electromagnetic Fields effectively. The best thing about silver is its anti-microbial properties. With 44% silver fibres, this T-shirt stays new and fresh for a longer time.

The fabric composition of the T-shirt is the perfect blend of cotton, silver, polyamide, and elastane, which makes it good for all seasons and also for layering. 35% of cotton makes the hoodie be easy on the skin and comfortable to wear.


  • Highly effective against radiations
  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Easy to maintain and wash
  • Anti-bacterial properties that keep it fresh for longer with silver fibre


  • Need to be a little careful about size to ensure proper neck and sleeve fitting

5. Men’s Hoodie

Shield yourself from EMF while looking stylish on the go. The hoodie is designed to perfection and may also work well for layering. The comfortable and soft hoodie is the blend of silver, cotton, nylon, and spandex.

It gives up to 99% EMF protection with the presence on 44% silver fibre that also doubles up as an antibacterial shield.

Thus, you can just relax and stay assured about the protection once the T-shirt is on. The T-shirt is tested against Wi-Fi and cell phone radiations with great accuracy to ensure that it offers the shielding as claimed.


  • Made in the UK
  • Anti-microbial properties
  • 44% silver fibres for efficient shielding
  • Can be washed for up to 30 times without altering its shielding efficiency
  • Available in various sizes


  • Sizing guide should be properly followed
  • Need to be careful while washing

6. Blocwave EMF Protection Hat

Protecting the head is always crucial. Radiations affect the head more than other body parts causing headaches and other issues. This hat is meant to protect your head from all kinds of radiations while offering much-needed comfort.

It is the perfect choice for winters as well. It comes with a silver lining that reduces the effect of all types of radiations to great extent. The product comes with quick dispatch and easy returns policy to ensure great customer service. The Beanie hat fits you had to offer complete coverage against all types of radiations.


  • Shielding effectiveness of up to 60dB
  • Protection against all types of radiations
  • Quick returns in case of quality issues
  • Fast dispatch within 3 days for fast delivery
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Need to check for head circumference before ordering

7. Blocwave Stylish Men Hoodie

This new hoodie from Blocwave is designed to offer trendy look without compromising on shielding. The main idea behind this new design is to make this hoodie a part of ongoing fashion and thus more desirable.

Available in different colours, this hoodie is created with style while keeping its shielding to the best. Compared with other products in a similar range, these hoodies offer very good shielding against all types of radiations at a more affordable price range.

Whether it is Wi-Fi radiation or mobile radiation, you can easily reduce the effect with this clothing. This trendy hoodie can be washed up to 30 times without actually reducing its shielding effectiveness. Shielding of up to 57dB to 75dB is offered in ideal conditions.


  • Quick delivery with a faster dispatch policy
  • Easy maintenance and care with 30 washes possible without damaging shielding
  • Easy return policy for those having any issues with the quality, size, or design
  • Available in different colours
  • Available in all sizes to fit every body type


  • Not good a inner layer

8. Blocwave Stylish Women Hoodie

If you have been thinking that EMF protection clothing is meant only for the innermost layering, then this hoodie will give you a fresh view towards this clothing.

The main reason behind the introduction of this new design by Blocwave is to make this clothing trendy and fashionable for youngsters. It has been made available in different colours with trendy cuts to fit all body types with style.

One would love to wear this hoodie as the top layer to get protection from radiations, wind, and cold. The silver used in the hoodie would also work as a natural shield against microbes and hence would stay fresh for long.

It is easy to maintain with about 30 washes possible without reducing the shielding. The shielding offered by the hoodie under standard condition would range from 57dB to 75dB.


  • Can be washed up to 30 times without affecting the shielding effectiveness
  • Shielding of up to 57dB to 65dB
  • Available in different colours
  • Various sizes available for different body types
  • Stylish and elegant
  • Natural anti-microbial shield
  • Quick delivery and easy return policy


  • Not right to be used as inner layer

9. Sansund Baseball Cap

This cap will simply make outdoor activities fun with best quality material and user-friendly design. The cap has an outer layer of cotton fabric and the inner layer is knitted silver that works to curb radiations.

The stylish cap comes in different colours and can also be used for sports. It offers about 99% shielding against all types of radiations arising from Wi-Fi, cell phones, cordless phone, cell phone towers, microwaves, and many more.

The use of this cap would give your head protection without compromising on style. Available in 3 beautiful colours, this cap can be washed manually and air-dried to maintain its efficiency in the long run.

The circumference of the cap ranges from 58cm to 64cm and would fit all heads falling under this circumference range.


  • 99% shielding against all types of radiations
  • Easy washing instructions with the possibility of manual wash and air drying
  • High-quality cotton fabric with an inner silver lining
  • Available in 3 colours like black, navy blue, and royal blue
  • Comfortably fits all head types with a head circumference ranging from 58cm to 64cm


  • Cannot be bleached
  • Long term use makes the cap lose its shielding property

10. Encounter Baby 100% Silver Fibre Vest

Pregnancy semesters are the key time to take care of radiations to ensure good health for both mother and baby. There are several sources of radiation that would affect the expecting mother’s health. This 100% silver fibre vest can be the best solution to all these radiations.

The vest is designed with an outer layer of 100% silver containing little gold too. The inner layer comprises of 54.19% nylon wheel and 45.9% polyester fibre. It offers 360-degree shielding resulting in 99.9999% effectiveness.

Thus, one can be sure of the best protection for both baby and mother when using this vest. The size of the vest fits all body types comfortably. It comes with soft shoulder straps to make it easy to carry the whole day through.

The silver-grey coloured vest can be washed in cold water or mineral water to minimise damage to the silver as the fabric is 100% metal fibre.


  • 100% metal fibre (silver and gold) for best shielding
  • Beautiful silver-grey colour
  • The fabric also boasts of being antistatic and antibacterial
  • Double layer textile for 360-degree protection and 99.9999% effectiveness
  • 100% quality assurance


  • Needs to be washed carefully as it contains 100% silver

11. ZMMHW Men’s Underwear Suit

If your job involves a lot of exposure to radiation from computers and wireless routers, then this suit is a perfect choice. This is a very common scenario in computer labs, radio stations, research labs, programming companies, and other such companies where the computer, internet, and mobiles are working 24X7.

This suit is designed to offer full coverage from head to toe. It covers the entire body and also has a hoodie cap attached to cover the head against all possible radiations. Offering up to 55dB shielding, this suit is the best thing to use at office and home.

The shielding tape ranges from 10MHz to 8000MHz and covers almost all major radiations. It is available in various sizes to fit everyone looking for complete protection against radiation. Easy on maintenance, this suit is one of the best designs available in EMF protection.


  • Head to toe protection
  • Available in various sizes
  • Shielding up to 55dB
  • Comes with hoodie cap to work as a headcover


  • It is a full suit and cannot be used separately as top or bottom

12. EMF Protection Kids Hoodie

You may always want the best for your kid, especially when the product is used for protection. This kids’ hoodie designed for girls is stylish and can offer up to 99% shielding against radiations of all types.

Available in different colours, this hoodie will be the great outerwear for you girl. Check out for the available sizes and you will find one to fit your girl perfectly. It is designed with 44% silver fibres along with cotton, polyamide, and elastane.

The EMF clothing UK is designed to offer quality and style. The shielding of the hoodie doesn’t reduce till 30 washes hence you can enjoy great style with easy maintenance and care.


  • Made from 44% silver
  • Natural bacteria deterrent thanks to the silver fibre
  • Available in different colours
  • Can be washed for almost 30 times without affecting the shielding
  • Easy return policy
  • Comfortable and found in all sizes
  • Best fit for young girls


  • Kids size chart should be consulted properly to avoid ill-fitted hoodie

13. Blocwave EMF Protection Leggings

Clothing form Blocwave is trendy and fashionable. It is designed to serve as fashion apparel along with radiation shielding. These leggings for women are also designed to perfection in order to offer shielding against radiation without compromising on fashion trends.

It can be clubbed with hoodie or T-shirt to get that perfect look. The shielding of up to 57dB to 65dB is offered without reducing the style factor. One can wash this legging 40 times without reducing its shielding capabilities.

It is a perfect choice for everyday wear and very easy on maintenance too. The company offers easy return policy to the customers if they are not satisfied with the quality at any point in time. In case of queries related to the product, they are ready to offer assistance.

Available in different colours and sizes, this legging is good as innerwear as well as outerwear. They also aim to ship the orders in 3 days of receiving them in order to ensure quick delivery to the customers.


  • Effective EMF protection for legs and reproductive organs
  • The right blend of material to offer comfort, style, and shielding
  • Continuous customer support
  • Quick delivery options
  • Convenient care and maintenance
  • Can be washed 40 times without reducing the effectiveness of the shielding
  • Easy and convenient returns


  • Sizing may differ if used as inner wear
  • Cannot bleach or use other washing chemicals

14. Belly Armor RadiaShield Boxer Briefs

Laptops are supposed to be placed on laps but they actually damage your reproductive organs in long runs. In order to reduce the effect of radiation on the reproductive organs, one should use this boxer brief on daily basis.

It protects codpiece and back areas with special RadiaShield protection. The brief is light in weight and would comfortably fit different body shapes. You can choose from available sizes to find the best fit.

It has anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties that help keep you fresh for longer. The briefs are washable and need to be air-dried for better shielding. Bleaching and ironing are strictly not recommended as that would affect the elasticity of the material.


  • Comfortable, lightweight, and soft
  • Anti-odour and antibacterial properties for a fresher feel
  • Efficient shielding against all types of radiations
  • Easy to maintain and wash
  • Can be air-dried for better washing


  • Size might be a problem in terms of fitting

15. Blocwave EMF Unisex T-Shirt

Blocwave T-shirts are designed to offer a trendy look to the users without compromising on shielding. The shielding offered in the range from 57dB to 65dB is better than much other clothing available in the market.

The main aim here is to offer beautiful colours that can be used as a fashion statement while ensuring protection against different types of radiations. The company believes in utmost customer satisfaction and hence ensures great quality every time.

If offers easy returns for poor quality apparels and also manages quick dispatch of goods to give faster delivery to the buyers. The products are made user friendly with convenient maintenance and care instructions.

It can be washed up to 30 times without reducing its shielding capacity, which surely speaks a lot about its lifespan. You will get to choose different colours to have one for every mood.


  • Shielding from 57dB to 65dB
  • Available in various colours to fit all your moods
  • Can be found in several sizes to fit all body types
  • 30 washes possible without affecting its shielding effectiveness
  • Easy returns and quick delivery


  • Check the size properly before ordering

Factors To Look For When Buying Best EMF Clothing

If you have come across the term EMF for the first time or in case you have been not informed of the concept of protection against EMF, then you will surely not know the right factors to look for while selecting the protective clothing.

With more and more people opting towards internet and smart home accessories, the spread of EMF is quite huge. Wi-Fi and cell phone radiations are amongst the top few that are affecting humans.

There are people coming across symptoms like unexplained anxiety, fatigue, concentration problems, and insomnia due to the effect of radiations at home and workplace. The only solution to all these problems is using an appropriate shielding mechanism, which comes as clothing.

There are many designs available in this segment, but the selection of this clothing goes beyond design. There are various factors given here that together would help you select the best shielding that will result in utmost protection even after multiple uses.

1. Fabric

There are not many fabric variations usually found in this type of clothing as the shielding is mainly carried out by silver. If you are comparing two apparels then it is always good to compare the silver fibre percentage.

More silver fibres would give better protection in terms of EMF shielding and bacterial protection. The fabric commonly used for this type of protective clothing is the blend of cotton, silver, nylon, and spandex.

  • Cotton – Higher cotton content would keep the apparel cool and soft. You would feel the freshness of cotton while enjoying the protection of silver. The only problem with cotton is the maintenance as it will require low heat ironing for a crease-free look. If you are planning to use it as the innermost layer, then higher cotton blend would be better as you won’t be required to iron it and at the same time it remains cool on your body.
  • Silver – Silver as stated above is the core material for this type of clothing. It has the properties that keep the radiation away and also offers natural shielding against microbes. Look for the clothing having higher silver content to ensure good shielding.
  • Nylon – Nylon gives lustre and manageability to the clothing. Having nylon as a part of the fabric blend would always be desirous to have smooth and shiny texture while increasing the lifespan of the apparel.
  • Spandex – Spandex has elastic properties required for any apparel to be stretchable.

2. Comfort

Any type of clothing is good only when it is comfortable to wear. Whether the clothing is intended to make a fashion statement or to offer a shield against radiations, comfort plays a major role. Comfort comes from size, design, and material used in making. If you are looking for all-round protection then this would be your everyday wear, which gives you one more reason to look for comfort.

The material should not irritate your skin in any manner as that would touch your skin directly when used as the innermost layer. Thus high cotton and elastane blend is desired.

Even the clothing that is too big or too small may be uncomfortable. Look for the right sized clothing, the way you do for other apparels.

Designs that suit your body contours are the best. Buying something that you can’t wear confidently is a complete waste of money and resources. Always find something that would actually add to your overall looks.

3. Shielding capacity

Not all clothing with a tag of EMF protection would actually offer the protection. The shielding effectiveness may change as per the material used in its making or washing.

Shielding capacity is therefore one of the most important factors to be checked while buying this type of clothing. Most of the companies mention the shielding effectiveness of the clothing in terms of decibels (dB).

Higher the dB of the clothing, better the shielding effectiveness. While comparing two apparels, it is good to compare this value as the main purpose of the clothing is to offer the shield against radiation of all types.

Some companies also mention shielding capacity in terms of percentage. For e.g., If the shielding effectiveness is mentioned as 75%, then one would be able to reduce the total radiations by 75% on wearing that clothing. There are garments with 99% or more effectiveness available too. If going by percentage, then look for the maximum number available for best results.

Remember, shielding effectiveness reduces with time and hence look for the most effective options to enjoy good shielding for a longer time.

4. Care and maintenance

Clothing always comes with maintenance and care guide. In order to keep the apparel in the best condition, it is very important that you follow these tips every time you wash or iron the clothing.

Always opt for clothing with easy care options that allow you to wash the apparel at home in the machine as you would be wearing it on daily basis and may wash it frequently especially innerwear.

The shielding capacity of the clothing usually reduces after a certain number of washes. The number of washes possible without reducing its effectiveness is also mentioned by the manufacture.

More washes allowed would mean longer life of the clothing. Checking all these details before buying your EMF shield would help you enjoy the shield for a longer time. You will buy it just once, but you will have to care for the apparel on daily basis and hence maintenance guide is more important than the design.

5. Budget

Budget is the key concern for every buying decision you make. The price range for this radiation protection clothing may vary according to its effectiveness against radiation. If you have a limited budget, it is always recommended to weigh the essential features against the money you are ready to spend.

Don’t compromise on the shielding effectiveness even if it saves you money as it will defeat the main purpose of using protective clothing. Try to find the best in your budget and if money is the problem then buy 1 piece at a time to accommodate it in your budget instead of compromising on the core features of the clothing.

Tips To Make Your Best EMF Clothing Last Longer

Your task of protecting yourself from radiation doesn’t end with buying suitable clothing, but it actually starts after that! The maintenance and care of clothing play a major role in keeping its effectiveness intact for a longer time. Here are some quick tips to maintain your clothing for a longer time and enjoy shielding effectively.

1. Washing

Washing plays a major role in keeping maintaining any apparel and it is even more important when you are using it for radiation shielding. This type of clothing usually comes with washing instructions and the chances of damaging it is very low if the same is followed properly. If you could not find the washing instructions then follow some simple rules.

  • Always use cold water for washing.
  • If washing in the machine, then avoid using tumble dry.
  • It is always good to hang it to dry as this will not damage the shielding capacity.
  • Don’t use bleach or use any other chemicals while washing.
  • Use a mild detergent or liquid soap meant for delicate clothing.
  • Each piece of clothing can withstand a certain number of washes without affecting its radiation reduction characteristics so keep tab on the number of washes.

2. Ironing

Ironing is not be required if you will be wearing this as the innermost layer. Even the nylon blend in the clothing will keep it crease-free after every wash. In case you want to iron it then do it at low heat else you will end up damaging the fibres.

FAQs on EMF Clothing

1. Which fabric shields against EMF?

EMF clothing is made with the blend of fibres that together offer protection against radiations and also offers comfort. Silver fibres are considered to be more effective in shielding EMF and hence the same is used in some proportion along with cotton, nylon, and spandex. Silver linings used in head caps and T-shirts can have attenuation as good as 50dB.

2. Does EMF protection clothing work?

This specially designed clothing is aimed to offer utmost protection against radiations; however, the effectiveness would vary based on the composition of the fabric. Moreover, this shielding would reduce over a period of time after a certain number of washes.

If you want the clothing to work as intended for a longer time then it is always recommended to maintain it as suggested by the manufacturer. The shielding may be as good as 99% in some of the cases.

3. Does EMF Protection also offer bacterial shielding?

EMF protection has nothing to do with bacteria directly. The anti-bacterial characteristic of the clothing comes from the silver blend used in the making of the clothing.

Silver has natural anti-microbial properties and when used for clothing, it actually keeps the clothing fresh for a longer time.

The anti-bacterial properties of the clothing will mostly depend on the percentage of silver used in EMF clothing and the care taken during washing as over a period of time it loses the effectiveness.

4. Do you need to block radiation?

Radiations of any kind can be harmful. The same can be even more harmful if you have any health conditions, especially neurological disorders, that may worsen due to these radiations. Some people are more EMF sensitive than others and would require more protection.

Expecting mothers require more protection and would require more shielding for the health of foetus and mother. It is always good to block the radiations from X-Ray, mobile devices, and cell-phones to avoid any type of harmful effects over a period of time.

5. How to know if you are EMF sensitive?

There are no specific symptoms for EMF sensitivity, but experiencing certain discomforting sensations on regular basis may sometimes point towards it.

If you have been experiencing concentration problems, insomnia, fatigue, hyperactivity, sinus problems, anxiety, and other such symptoms that have no clear source of occurrence then they may probably point towards EMF sensitivity.

You should first check with your medical practitioner to rule out other possibilities and if things still remain unexplained then the best way to overcome the problem is to wear some shielding apparels that would keep radiations away.

6. How long does EMF protective clothing last?

The life of EMF protective clothing is just like any other clothing but the effect would vary over a period of time. It has been observed that this clothing loses its effectiveness after a certain number of washes. These apparels usually come with washing instruction mentioning temperature and number of washes. If you adhere to the guidelines then you will be able to use this clothing for its entire lifespan.

7. How to determine the right size?

The sizing chart for this clothing is given on its purchase link and is almost same as the normal clothing. You may decide the size based on the use. If it is going to be the inner layer for other clothing, then it is always good to opt for one size smaller as this will help you wear the outer clothing easily. If using it as an outer layer, then keep the required margin for inner layers. Most of these apparels come with easy returns, hence if you didn’t order the right size this time, and then there is always a scope of returning the product.

Protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful radiation with the best EMF clothing available 

Knowingly or unknowingly, we are exposed to harmful radiations on daily basis. There are many sources of radiations present at our homes and office spaces that we cannot really avoid.

This is the reason why companies are coming up with better and easier solutions to shield the human body against radiation. Aesthetically designed EMF clothing is one such attempt to reduce the effect of all types of radiations.

You may now be aware of all the available options for this protective clothing, caring for them to keep the shielding in good condition for a longer time, and also about selecting the right clothing based on your requirement. Make sure you adhere to these tips in order to get the maximum protection against any type of radiation.

Whether you are sensitive to the radiations or not, it is always good to stay safe with this easy to follow EMF protection technique for your good health and well-being.

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