Best Low EMF Hair Dryers 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Whether we are in a rush or trying out a new hairstyle, hairdryers has been a timesaving invention. That said, very few people realize the radiation they expose themselves when they use the device and one of the most prominent radiations is EMF. While many argue of the fact that sun too feeds us with EMFs, the harmful effect is higher in the artificially created fields. Opting for lesser harmful devices thus became a necessity.

An important point to understand about blow dryers is that because they use electricity, they generate a strong electromagnetic field. It is a natural phenomenon that can be seen in anything that uses electricity. Even the lamps that light up your home are going to emit EMFs.

Low EMF hair dryer technology significantly decreases the electromagnetic field so that both you and your hair are not subjected to the same intensity of charged particles and are protected from EMF. Let’s check some of the best low emf hair dryers

Top 10 Best Low EMF Hairdryers 2020

1. SIAU Hair Dryer

This hair dryer has a built-in negative ion generator and medical stone, the hairdryer can generate 48 million ions every second that gives your hair a glossy appearance and reduces heat damage.

Thanks to revolutionary bio-ceramic materials, the hairdryer will dry your hair quickly and emit far-infrared to minimize frizz. It was noticed through experiments that far-infrared rays can make hair dry faster. Highly powerful motor with far infrared rays makes you enjoy drying your hair with less noise.

The CL-101 hairdryer will heat up and remain stable to 57 ° C within 10 seconds. Constant temperature mode helps to dry your hair evenly and reduce overheating damage. It comes with a Concentrator for smooth styles and a spare filter net. Along with the protection assurance as it follows the CE quality requirements.


  • Security Guarantee
  • Ultra-Low EMF Safety
  • Concentrator for smooth styles
  • High Concentration Ion
  • Less noise produced


  • Poor performance
  • Not good for longer hair as heat output is not too great

2. Remington AC8008 Hair Dryer

The Keratin Protect Hair Dryer can leave the locks looking and feeling healthy. With an advanced micro-conditioning dryer ring filled with keratin and almond oil, you can get your hair dried faster without any concern of long-term damage to your tress..

With the Keratin Protect Hair Dryer, which is engineered to help protect your hair from the harmful effects of dryer heat, you can now achieve a stunning appearance and a healthy-looking finish without effort.

With a powerful 2200W, this dryer was specifically equipped with a ceramic coated grille infused with moisturizing conditioners for safe, smooth, dry blowing performance. It has 90 percent more ions to produce frizz-free hair. Along with 2-speed settings, 3 heat settings, and a very cold shot for finalizing your style, this hairdryer is a salon in itself.

Includes diffuser, fast dry, and super slim precision concentrators for better performance.


  • Long-life 2200W AC motor
  • Conditioning ring infused with Keratin and Almond oil
  • Micro Conditioners and Ceramic Coated Grille
  • Two-and-a-half-meter length cord
  • Comes with 5 years warranty
  • The rear grille is removable making it easy to be cleaned


  • Heavy to hold
  • Button placed near the grip making settings change with a slight twist

3. Remington D3190 Hair Dryer

This hair dryer has ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline technologies that eliminate frizz and static which makes drying hair faster and more efficient. It provides fast and efficient styling with 2200 W full-size dryer.

It has three different heat settings and two power settings that allow users to style any type of hair. Like other Ionic conditioning models, it delivers fast drying results without leaving static.

The hair of everyone is different. If your hair is super sensitive to heat, you can still use the Remington dryer at low speeds and lower heat settings. Or, for those with thick, hard hair, set it to the highest, hottest mode, and watch it dry in minutes.

It is supplied not only with a condensed nozzle but also with a volumizing diffuser nozzle. Both attachments are comfortably placed without falling off. Besides, a cool shot feature will give you a shiny, polished look. No matter what kind of hair you’ve got, the Remington D3190 will help you play with your look.


  • Ionic conditioning for frizz freestyles
  • Three heat and two-speed settings
  • Concentrator, diffuser and cool shot function
  • 2200 W full-size dryer


  • Hard to maneuver through thick hair
  • The cold shot mode is not too impressive

4. Remington Proluxe Ionic Hairdryer AC9140

The Proluxe hairdryer from Remington boasts of providing salon-like style and shiny hair with frizz free drying.. It comes with a professional 2400 AC motor and OPTIheat technology that works together to dry faster while locking your style in place.

Intelligent OPTIheat technology and the innovative Style Shot feature make the Proluxe dryer use heat to lock your style in place after you have sculpted the design to your satisfaction. The unique layout of the concentrator has been designed specifically to improve airflow and heat transfer, making the salon-like blow-drying easy

While working it senses the areas that needs more drying and heat gets targets better to make the hair dry better and hold on to the style for more than 16 hours


  • Powerful 2400 W AC motor
  • 90 percent more ions for frizz-free shine
  • OPTIHeat technology senses heat requirement
  • Salon style results that last all-day


  • Styling components could be made of better materials
  • Ling hair tends to be sucked in the filter

5. Newdora Professional Hair Dryer 1800W

Newdora provides you with a hairdryer that boasts of reduced emf radiations without sacrificing on their heating quality. With constant heat technology you get better results with the heat being uniform throughout that accelerates the drying. Lessens hair damage and protects against heat damage.

This hair dryer has an infinitely variable Speed Knob & 3 Heat Settings. One speed control button + three heat settings for full drying and styling versatility. It is simple to regulate the temperature and hot airspeed to make your dream hairstyle at home.

Your hair will get better after using the low-radiation hairdryer. This efficient hairdryer provides strong air for quick drying even thick, wavy hair in less time, it is lightweight & portable. It comes with a high-speed motor up to 18,000 rpm for quick drying.


  • 3 heat settings
  • Noise reduction design
  • Infinite variable speed knob
  • 1800-watt power
  • Hair is left moisturized and shiny from first use
  • Low radiation improves hair quality


  • not as powerful as advertised

6. Babyliss Pro GT Ionic Dryer

Compact and durable Babyliss PRO GT Ionic Hairdryer (2000w) incorporates ion and ceramic technology to produce the most sought-after results for silky, glossy, and manageable hair.

With 6 temperature and speed settings and a cold shot button, the Babyliss Pro features everything you’d expect from a professional dryer.

What sets it apart is that Babyliss has taken these features and packed them into a body that is 25 per cent smaller than the standard 2000-watt dryer. the AC motor used to run the hairdryer not only increases the dryer’s life span but also handles the stress of being in constant use.

The GT Ionic is easier to use and dries hair more easily than equivalent professional dryers. Added to this, it features ionic and ceramic technology along with the cold shot mode that ensures a constant flow of negative ions through the hair that provides a beautiful, silk-smooth, and glossy finish.


  • Professional Ionic Dryer
  • 2000w output
  • 6 heat and speed settings
  • Has AC motor for longevity


  • Heavy to hold for long time
  • The nozzle is loose and falls off during use

7. Umitive Professional Hair Dryer 2000W

This hair dryer offers Fast and easy hair drying with 2000W output. It provides a powerful and constant temperature for better and safer drying of hair. It also provides uniform heating, particularly for thick & long hair.

This dryer comes with 3 different speeds, as well as heat and cold settings for various hair types, offering optimal control and flexibility for your hair. It comes with two nozzles and one diffuser that have different functions. The smoothing nozzle doubles up to smoothen the hair while drying it.

The styling nozzle helps you style your hair better by controlling the direction of the airflow.. Diffused Tuyere is used to smooth the hair while making the curls more noticeable.

Ergonomic negative ion technology provides healthiest hair care with proper drying experience. Negative ions moisturize, eliminate split ends, reduce protein damage, and hold natural moisture.


  • 2 nozzles and 1 diffuser design
  • 3 speeds setting
  • Airflow Harvesting Technology for better air speed


  • Not enough power takes more time for drying thick hair

8. Timland 2000W Hair Dryer

This hair dryer uses negative ion technology and constant temperature feature for better hair drying experience. Negative ions are known to moisturize hair, prevent split-ends, and lock in the natural moisture and oils of the hair.

It has 2 switchable speed modes and 1 cold air mode, variable temperature regulation with constant temperature safety, and controlled heat that ensures better regulation and flexibility for your hair care.

The removable filter comes with double safety that not only makes cleaning the dryer easy but prevents hair from being sucked into the device The hairdryer also comes equipped with an overheat safety system to effectively prevent heat damage;


  • Equipped with 3 kinds of detachable air nozzles
  • Negative ion technology
  • AC motor that ensures longer lifespan of the hairdryer
  • 2 switchable speed modes and 1 cold air mode


  • Attachments do not fit properly
  • The noise while using the dryer is loud

9. ELCHIM 3900 Titanium Edition Hairdryer

Being in the hair care industry for about 75 years, Elchim has a good understanding of the need of the hour along with the proper incorporation of technologies so users find the dryer easy to use and handle.

At 570 gm, the hairdryer boats of being lightweight yet power-packed with a 2400w motor.

Thus you get a really hot and effective hair dryer that reduces the time you spend on drying up your tresses by 30%. It also comes with a built-in silencer that takes care of the noise problem. Hence you will not feel like facing a fighter jet every time you use the dryer.

It provides 2 heat settings, 2-speed settings, and a cold shot button, along with a long power cord for better maneuverability. The brand also won various awards for their low EMF design making then one of the best hair dryers in the market.


  • 2-speed settings
  • 2 heat settings
  • Cold shot button
  • Low noise with a built-in silencer
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Compact and ergonomic


  • Can be slippery and heavy
  • Some find it expensive

10. ELCHIM 3900 Hairdryer

With 2400W, it is still the most efficient hairdryer in its category and ensures flawless styling even at low speeds. It decreases the drying time by 30%.making you not run the risk of getting late for work..

It is compact, balanced, lightweight, and silent hence using the dryer is a pleasant experience. The cold shot mode helps you to save your look for the day by sealing your hair cuticles.

Its air flow hydrates and makes hair shine, removing static that makes the hair stand thanks to its ionic and ceramic system. Includes electromagnetic wave protection (LOW EMF) making the hairdryer winner of many accolades.


  • 2400w power
  • Low noise with a built-in silencer
  • Extremely lightweight
  • 2 Heat & Speed settings
  • Ergonomic design making it easier on the wrists
  • Raised hemisphere provides better grip


  • Doesn’t cure frizz properly

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Low EMF Hair Dryer

Hairdryers with low EMF emissions have some distinctive features that allow them to make a difference. We have listed their core features with in-depth info, so you can appreciate how best low EMF dryers hold all the goodness. These features are not available in a normal handheld blow dryer.

1. Counter EMF Method

The effectiveness of hairdryers lies in their motor rotation that generates radiations. When reducing the effect, makers also need to note that they do not affect the functionality of the hairdryer.

The Counter EMF technology has been designed with built-in electromagnetic force as opposed to the radiation produced by the motor. When the radiation hits the electromagnetic force it a repelling torque forms that makes the greater part of the radiation be transmitted back to the souce.

2. Wattage

The power source strength of the device aka the wattage affects the strength of the fields generated when electricity passes through the motor. In fact, the electric and magnetic fields generated are directly proportional to the wattage. Greater the wattage, greater the emf generated.

The best low EMF hair dryer solves this problem with a motor having a moderate wattage range of 1200 to 1800 watts. This range helps you to avoid the greater part of the emf emission without having to spend hours drying your hair with the dryer.

3. Motor

When purchasing a hairdryer you check the label for wattage, colour, features, and the warranty period. What many fail to inform is the inclusion of a magnet in the core components of the dryer which is the electric motor.

The kind of motor used, AC or DC also affects the emission. DC motors always produce a direct current which flows in a single direction whereas AC motors produce alternating currents that reduce the effect of the EMF. When you are purchasing a hairdryer, also check if the motor is AC or DC for AC should be the preferred choice,.

4. Ion Generation

The rage about negative ions and how beneficial it is for the proper conditioning of your hair has many manufacturers invest in the anion technology. While the negatively charged ions many not prevent the generation of the emission they substantially reduce the strength.

The reason is that, as per Lorentz Law the effect that an emf has on a charged particle tends to lessen its strength while trying to change its direction.

5. Copper Shield

Copper is a conductive metal that absorbs much of the radiated emf emission from electrical equipment and eliminates them from your body by transferring them to the ground, much like earthing.

To isolate the device from the surroundings, a copper shield is used to enclose the interior of these contraptions. And, when a hairdryer is covered with a copper membrane, the emission is much lower than when it isn’t.

6. Additional Features

Among the other prominent features of the best low EMF hairdryer, the following can be found.

  • Ceramics, Tourmaline Ceramics, and Electronic Heating Materials.
  • Infrared technology.
  • Multiple heats and speed settings.
  • Advanced settings for moisture adjustment.

All low EMF blow dryers are used professionally and hence come as more costly than conventional dryers. The fact that you spend big bucks on a product you won’t want the dryer to miss out on any of the main attributes. So, make sure your hairdryer has an important features list below.

  • Wattage must be within the range of 1500-1800 watts
  • The engine must operate on alternate current (AC)
  • The maximum emission level must be limited within the range of 0.5-2.5 milligauss (mG)

FAQs on Low EMF Hair Dryers

1. Why Hair Dryers Are Used?

Hairdryers keep the hair hydrated whilst drying the hair. They also help to add volume to the hair. It’s easy to style and manage the hair with the hairdryer.

2. Can We Use A Hairdryer Daily?

Using hair dryers daily to dry and style the hair can cause damage to hair. It can lead to dry and damaged hair. So, try to use hair dryers on only special occasions.

3. Do We Need Expensive Hair Dryers?

The major difference between expensive and cheap hair dryers is the use of technology. Expensive hair dryers tend to produce gentle heat while the inexpensive ones generate harsh heat. Expensive hair dryers are less likely to cause damage to hair and your body compared to cheaper versions which can make your hair lifeless after a certain time of usage.

4. Do Hairdryers Reduce Frizz?

Hairdryers do not provide a permanent solution for frizz control. It can reduce the frizz temporarily, which means only while using the hairdryers the frizz can remain in control. For people with extremely frizzy hair humidity is the biggest enemy. Hence do not expect the hairdryer to work its magic for hours during the monsoon.

5. Does Hairdryer Quality Matter?

It’s noticed that good quality hair dryers can work for a long time while the cheap hair dryers can break after certain usage. The best low emf hair dryer will not only help you with drying and styling your hair while keeping you safe from EMF radiation.

6. Are Hairdryers Harmful?

Yes, hairdryers can emit Emf which is harmful to your health. You can use these tips for EMF protection

  • Do not use hair dryers regularly. Limited time spent near the hairdryers can reduce the risk of radiations
  • Keep a proper distance between your body and the hairdryer to lower the exposure
  • Towel dry hair after the shower to reduce the need for hairdryer

Several caring crystals are found in nature. Rainbow Fluorite, Flint, Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Amazonite, Green, etc. These few mineral crystals absorb electric and magnetic radiations from your environments when you keep them near electrical devices. Though their effect is too less to depend on them.

Choose The Best Low EMF Hair Dryers For Personal Protection

Best low EMF hair dryers offer a very low exposure to radiations, this dryer works efficiently and they are also easy to handle. Traditional hair dryers can cause unwanted effects on your hair like frizz and static electricity. You can get a stylish new look without any frizz or static and achieve a long-lasting finish that can last all through the day.

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